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December 15, 2009

Now Doesn't It?
Tuesday. I ended yesterday's entry with “good evening coming” and it was, at least, an interesting evening. I had a touch of what I've described as an odd almost “hallucinogenic” episode in the late afternoon, early evening, after having spaghetti and clam sauce for dinner, a somewhat larger and later meal than I usually have. I'd had the same experience the night before around the same time, but put it down to sake and cheese and crackers, again, more to eat in a late afternoon than is usual. I haven't had one of these in a number of weeks and lying down for thirty minutes seems to cure it, although there is a period where white patches appear in your vision when you close your eyes and some other unique symptoms. Heart rate normal to slow, nothing really disturbing in the sense you wonder (at least a little) if this is “it”, the symptom that leads to the doctor that leads to the test that eventually puts you under. To bed at eight, wake up around midnight for less than an hour, up at six feeling just fine: clear headed, the sinus-palate thing in check, the day ahead.

So, back from breakfast and a run to the grocery store for cat food, kitty litter, orange juice and milk. We are ready for the rest of the week. I'll need another run for cat food and maybe another box of kitty litter before I leave on Monday for Portland, but things are starting to come together. A walk down the way along Lakeshore to see if they don't have a small shop that sells Christmas tree ornaments unique to the area. That's our tradition, bring a Christmas tree ornament to the family party and people pick from the pile of anonymous gift wrapped packages. Works well. Inexpensive, but something everybody likes. Now to come up with something for my sister and brother in law. My nephew is easy. Young men can do more with cash than they could with whatever I might dream up without a lot more communication.

The sky thoroughly overcast, some possibility of rain, they're saying a lot of rain tomorrow. Feels like winter. Feels like the holidays. Which means it feels right, in some perverted sense, but I'm up for an early spring. Let in rain, rain, rain and let the various lakes and reservoirs fill to capacity (we don't want a fourth year of drought, we're losing crop yields as it is and the farmers are pushing for the diversion of water and the extinction of the salmon), but come spring, let the sunshine begin. And, if we can get the water in, there's no reason to wait on spring. Late winter. Mid winter. We're flexible here. Really.

Later. A walk down the way to Lakeshore, passing and - what else? - photographing the usual tree and then another backlit tree because, well, I'm carrying a camera, this is one of the things one does, another photograph of the Menorah because the light was a little better and I was carrying the D3s, which seems to record more information from the shadows, allowing you to bring them up to better advantage later, when you're adjusting the RAW file, and then on to Noah's bagels for a cup of coffee out at a table, thinking there was a small curio shop I actually liked that might have a Christmas tree ornament I could use for the family party. So I sat, drank the coffee, took a picture, found the shop, bought some things I liked and walked home, all at a measured pace, no hurry.

Pretty exciting stuff for you, don't you think?

None of that. It's only eleven and we have the day ahead.

Later still. Another walk, this time to the post office. That's enough for the day, I'm going to listen to my various news programs and make some prints as the replacement ink cartridges arrived an hour ago just as I was returning. The week is slipping by, much to do, new tires on the car tomorrow, prescriptions to be picked up in preparation for the drive to Portland, my apartment manager agreeing to take care of Ms. Emmy. It does sound like exciting stuff, now, doesn't it?

The photograph was taken along Grand Avenue near Perkins Street in Oakland with a Nikon D3 mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor D lens at f 5.6 at 1/400th second, ISO 200.