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December 5, 2009

I Will
Saturday. Hungry, yesterday. Ate a large breakfast and then had a steak sandwich and a large bowl of split pea soup later in the afternoon. No problem convincing myself I needed to eat. This morning? Well, back, I guess, to what has become the the norm for this last year. We'll see. There's a day and a month ahead.

Overcast, a bit cold, they're saying storms throughout this coming week. Sun later today, so the Oakland Holiday Parade shouldn't be a problem. The tree lighting last night wasn't a Christmas tree, but the palm trees they have along the water beside Scott's and from the pictures in the Tribune it looks as if it might have been fun and productive to shoot. But I was in no condition. Not flat on my back preparing for the worst, you understand, just under the weather. A lesson in how age adjusts your tolerance for alcohol. A drink or two is nice, four or five deplete your resources. A lesson on what's coming, don't fuck up what you've got. Until the next time. No need for the next time to come any time soon. (Laughter among the voices in the back.)

So we use the new camera and the new lens and shoot a bunch of pictures later. Before then, a nap?

Later. I am tired. Yes I am. The middle of the back aches, I guess, is what I'm saying. A two hour walk around the downtown shooting as the parade formed up, then, essentially, a walk all the way back to the apartment as the bus routes had been scrambled for the parade and I managed to miss my bus by a minute. Watched it disappear into the distance. So be it, the head is otherwise fine, the walking seems to have cleared it in some way, and the pain meds had arrived when I got home so I've just popped a few and plan to lie down for thirty minutes, read the Tribune and then come back here and see what I managed to get in the way of photographs. One or two reasonable ones, I think. Cross my fingers. I've had my share of surprises after saying that.

Just like that thirty minutes have passed. I read the paper, let the meds kick in, got the head together, although the head isn't altogether together, but good enough for a Saturday, I think. Does this make any sense? Doesn't matter. Go over the pictures, one or two turned out, another Holiday Parade under the belt. This means I missed Ms. H's party down the way, the head and the body in no condition to get dressed up and head east and south, but that, I believe, is what happened last year. There is this part of me that says before the fact, well, the party starts at three so I'll have finished shooting the parade at two when it starts, so I'll just walk home, get ready and go. Ho, ho! Yes indeed, so I will. In my will. We are in no condition for anything other than maybe dinner and I'm not too sure about that.

A little surprised, but I got a page for artandlife out of the shoot today. The walk back even provided one or two photographs I'm happy with. The new camera and lens? Very nice. Worth spending the money? Probably not. They're not that much better than my old combination, which I still have and will continue to use, but better than great is worth it to me, I guess, given the time and energy I spend taking pictures. So no more complaints. Still haven't tested the thing in the dark though. But I will. I will.

The photograph was taken along Broadway in Oakland with a Nikon D3, I think, as I can't find the raw image for some reason and don't have the data at hand.