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Christmas tree at the Oakland City Center.

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December 19, 2008

That's The Case
Friday. In last night at nine after an outing at Katie O'Brien's in San Francisco with some of the usual crew, to bed early, up a couple of hours later than is my habit, no complaints about that. Breakfast mid-morning at the usual place, the sun shining with the clouds clearing - they're saying sun for the rest of the day - with no idea what to do now except there are things that need to be done in preparation for Portland.

Later. My, my. If you get up later in the day the day seems to whizz right on by. Must add that to my things it's good to know list.

I think I'll take it easy this evening. A run to the supermarket yesterday resulted in two of the small bottles of sake sitting on my kitchen counter. The thought wasn't to save them for Saturday, my traditional Japanese soaps and sake evening, so maybe I'll just have them toasted over Korean soaps tonight.

Japanese soaps? Korean soaps?

They run every evening and I've found I'm able to watch and enjoy one or two of them, one or two of them in the sense that I find myself snapping them off when they not just slip, but jump into the slapstick, slapstick in the sense of scenes reminiscent of early American silent movies where Mary Pickford or the like are being tied to the railroad tracks by a guy in a vampire suit or she and the kids are drifting over the falls huddled down on a cake of ice. They're able to address interesting issues, but then they'll straight faced throw in a scene like this into the mix. It's cultural thing I'm assuming, no blame in it, but boy howdy I've probably written myself into a corner even mentioning them. There's the worry someone might track one of these down and say “whoa Nelly, this guy really is nuts”. Well, he is nuts, but nicely nuts, you understand, sake and soaps notwithstanding.

Are we feeling maudlin?

We are starting on the sake. Makes the head feel “better” or at least “different”. Rounds the edges, gives the sinus-head problem a break. Probably not good that's the case.

The photograph was taken of the Christmas tree at the Oakland City Center with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens at 1/60th second, f 5.3, ISO 100.