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December 4, 2008

Couldn't Hurt
Thursday. We seem to have sun this morning, now that it's nine and I've returned from breakfast (arriving an hour late because I got to bed an hour early?), feeling pretty good now that I've made the adjustment the doctor recommended to the blood pressure stuff. Strange how it affects your life when they get out of whack. Whack, whack! But we dwell on these things, do we not? Best to let them stay in the background, the rhythm section you never really think about (write about, talk about) but can drive you crazy when it misses the beat.

That's too much: “rhythm section - misses the beat.” Good grief.

I notice the Chronicle doesn't list the Oakland Holiday parade coming up this Saturday. Because it's supported by the Oakland Tribune or because I can't figure out how to find their (quite prominent) listing on SFGate? Probably. Sounds nice: they're not featuring it with any prominence because it was supported by a competitor. The problem is I live in Oakland and subscribe to their paper instead of the local paper yet I still want to see a list of upcoming (major) events (that I might want to photograph) here in Oakland. Snit! Snit!

If you bothered to look at the link you've provided, you'd notice the parade isn't sponsored by the Tribune anymore, but by Comcast.

Well, it was originally sponsored by The Tribune. It's a big parade that's coming up day after tomorrow. How is it not featured in the Events section of The Chronicle? Mentioned? I searched in the Events section on “parades”. Zip! Nada! Nothing.

You're sure you're not missing the obvious? It was noted on, say, the front page today and you just didn't notice it? Did you read the Datebook section today? Did you look at the listings?

Mumble. I searched the Oakland Tribune on the web just now and they didn't have anything about it either, yet there are references to it by other news sites on the web. Whatever Comcast (the sponsor of the parade) has managed to do to piss off the local media would probably be an interesting tale. But again: mumble.

I'm getting together with some of the usual crew later in Rockridge with some thought afterward of checking out the progress of latest batch of beer brewing at Mr. S's place. I'm not up for a blow out evening on a Thursday (nor a Friday, for that matter) but a couple of Guinness couldn't hurt.

A short recap on Wilson: He's moved into rehab, he's comfortable, in good spirits, enjoys talking with visitors, but he did sustain quite a bit of brain damage, had quite a bit of bleeding and it's going to be some time before he's to where he can function easily again in the day to day world. Not good, but then much better than anyone was dreading when this first happened.

The photograph was taken in Bisbee, AZ with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at 1/3200th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.