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Under Construction
Strip club press preview in 1970's San Francisco

December 18th, 2006

Before Breakfast
Monday. Five days now on vacation, spending it with my feet up (naps, videos, more naps, comfort food, naps) and I would like to say the head is better and I've cleaned the living room, put more pictures up and developed the black and white film I have sitting in the closet, but I have not. Cleaned the living room, hung pictures or developed film, even though I really do need new pictures to keep this journal going.

OK. We've heard this before. What now?

Another neurologist. Or two. Or three.

Then again I have another two days vacation. The film and the pictures: I will hang the already framed photographs (that have been leaning in a line against my bedroom wall for months and months) and I will develop the black and white film that has been sitting in my closet for more than a year. There. No, really. I've made the statement and the Sole Proprietor, whomever the hell the bastard might be, never goes back on a promise (before breakfast).

The photograph was taken at a strip club press preview in San Francisco in the 70's with a Canon SLR mounted with a 135mm lens (I think).