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San Francisco Journalcon photos
Oakland Grand Lake district cafe

December 30th, 2002

Keep Changing Diapers
Sunday evening. A good day. A walk to the usual cafe for breakfast, lunch today with MSM, my old friend who picked me up six weeks ago Monday and ferried me down to Stanford hospital. A walk afterward to the local 7 - 11 look alike to buy a Coke (gotta stop that now that I'm going back to work), come back home, tired, yes, but that tired feeling you get sometimes that's like a buzz, a cheap high, the body's own fix of mind altering medicines. Kick back, my man, six weeks gone, just like that. We'll see how it goes tomorrow when I return to work, probably with the next paragraph, come to think of it.

Monday evening. Into work by 8:30, drive, of course, get a day or two under my belt before I do anything radical like take a bus or (I'm kidding here) walk. Breakfast across from the office packing a laptop and a camera. Medium to light work load until noon, lunch with the crew, medium to light afternoon, leave early after running out of gas at 4:00, home by 4:30. Tired, but alive. Hell, that's too dramatic. Tired, but OK. Get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow should be lighter (half the office is out), so we'll all leave even earlier. New Year's Day a holiday, two more days to finish the week, to see how the body fares.

The incontinence seems OK, nothing too, um, disastrous. I could live with it as it is if I had to. It will improve over the months from what they're saying and that should be enough. Life in the fast lane, my son, the drip dry lane, the last mile lane, the check out lane, yes, but not yet. Not quite yet. Tired, and I'll be tired tomorrow.

The usual bushel of rumors at the office. They've published the high level organization chart naming the VP's and Directors and the VP's and Directors will be publishing their own chart of proles and managers. Not every prole and manager will be on the new chart. Not every VP and Director was on the chart they just published. No one believes the economy will improve in 2003 unless there's a war in Iraq, in which case we could lose the economy altogether, so nothing to gain thinking about it. We guess we're good for another three months, we'll count noses then, and, in the meantime, I'll kick back, shoot some pictures and keep changing diapers.

The photograph was taken in the Grand Lake district of Oakland.