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Off Highway 101 in Oregon

December 1st, 2001

To Shoot Portraits
A little tug at the old heart. As I was listening to public radio, a program on Smallpox and biological terrorism, the program cut out, white noise for maybe ten seconds, then the emergency broadcast system kicked in. This just doesn't happen. I knew it was for real. "Oh, fuck, we've fucked" was my very original thought (grab your ass, baby, go hide in the bedroom). A flash flood alert for Marin county. It is raining. A lot. And people on hills and rivers in Marin may be in danger. Whew! No one popped the bomb in San Francisco. Just your everyday houses flushing down rivers. I'll undoubtedly read all about it in the paper tomorrow.

A poor way to start an entry for a good day, maybe. I assembled the last bookcase in the bedroom and went through all of the remaining, stacked up so you trip over them, boxes. The living room is now open, the books are up in their cases. Another day like today and I'll take pictures. I want to fiddle with the strobes and the lighting anyway, so what better task than shoot the inside of this new apartment?

The job and everything that implies is still on my mind. I worked on a web siteStreet sign, Tigard, Oregon this afternoon for the new group I've been assigned to and I'll have something to show next week. They'll like it, but I need to sharpen my Windows 2000 chops before I get the axe, if I get the axe, cause I'm not sure anyone is going to hire me for my HTML. Windows 2000 is still fairly new in business here and there's a demand for people who know it, and we've been sweating over the damned thing for the last year. I like this place I'm living in and there's no reason I shouldn't find something to let me keep it. (Well, there's lots of things that can happen that won't let me keep it, but let's not buy into that unless it's necessary.) I'm feeling better. Better is better. Now get on with it.

Oh, man. I just read that last paragraph. I sounds like a fucking press release. I'll do better, but tomorrow. Right now I'm going to mix up another shot of this whiskey with water.

Raining like hell, puttering around the apartment. I'll putter some more tomorrow, maybe, and consider putting the rest of this stuff into storage. I'm realizing I can rent a truck for a day for not very much, remembering the truck I rented to drive up to Portland, and just move all of it out of here. Live like an actual human being. Think about cluttering it up again with lights and shoot portraits.

The photographs were taken in Tigard, Oregon.