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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Christian in Portland

December 25th, 2000

And Intriguing
I could get used to this. Taking the day as it comes, no particular agenda. If I feel like taking a nap, then I take a nap. If I feel like working on the journal, then I work on the journal. If I feel like taking a photograph (and I have not felt like taking a photograph), then I get out the camera. I am going back into work tomorrow, Tuesday, with the idea of taking the rest of the week off through New Year's Day. I would like to take a month off just to check out my head when it was over. Still fuzzy? I've always said the fuzzies came with the writing, but what writing really? What about work? I spent four years in my thirties fuzzy headed as hell while I was writing. How much of my day to day living would come back together if I didn't go into the office for a month, getting the apartment in better order, getting out occasionally for something other than shooting pictures? Who knows? I have suspicions.

I mentioned some time ago that I'd bought a Casio camera watch, one they've been advertising recently on television. I think this will be a big deal in the future, particularly as they get cheaper and better. A friend at work said he'd bought one and considered the output useless, although I'm thinking this is a first step of many to follow.

I kinda like 'em. They have a certain drama and spontaneity, a gritty out there in the real world quality. I received the infrared transfer device that allows me to download the images from the watch to my computer Friday, some month or so after I bought the watch, and they make me want to take more. These were taken with the subject's
permission in that we were talking about the watch (it was new, it was ugly and it took digital pictures), but not all of them understood they might land here. It is very easy to bring your wrist up to look at your watch and push the shutter bar on the dial and have everyone assume you're reading the time or checking an appointment. I suspect this will
become an issue as these cameras get better and smaller. More people may take up this photography habit as the equipment evolves and it will undoubtedly be abused and generally viewed over time with more suspicion. Everyone a star, everyone a digital paparazzi. The Nikons, at least, are large and everybody knows what they are and what you're doing when you point them in their direction. Privacy can then be negotiated on the spot. These little buggers are different. And intriguing.

Christmas Day today. Four days gone like a flash. Next week will pass in a flash. Such is life. In Oakland.

The banner photograph was taken in Portland over Thanksgiving and the camera photos were taken over the last month or so in and out of the office. The quote is by Samuel Johnson.