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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Socially adept nephew at dinner

December 19th, 2000

Money and Drugs
I get a small, but continuous stream of hits from people looking for information about sole proprietorships. My assumption is they come by, look around, and leave, rarely to return. Some weeks back I started to get hits from people searching on "boobs". Boobs. I looked at my journal page and noticed my November 14th entry was titled "Boobs and Libidos". I list nine entries on my journal menu, the newest as it's added at the top bumping the oldest at the bottom. "Boobs and Libidos" showed up and caused no particular interest and then the search bots descended and read my page into their indexes, because suddenly "boobs" were hot and "soles" were not. Were these people in search of boobs more likely to return than proprietors? I doubt it. Nine entries later "boobs and libidos" dropped into the darkness, trailing its searchers behind.

The printer and CD burner are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I took some prints with me into work this morning and gave them to two people that I'd photographed. Neither were expecting the pictures. They were nice photographs, good expressions, good quality prints, maybe as good as any they'd seen of themselves. Again, no big deal for me, but I realized how well they were received. This is a big change in my photography. I've been with this company for some time, and although it's a relatively large office, most people know me by the fact that I'm always carrying a camera. I've taken many photographs, but only post them to this journal and very very few people at the company ever come here. Which means many people see me take their picture, but never the prints because there aren't any. Until now. I'm curious to see the changes now that I have the ability to share the images.

Tuesday evening. The printer, the ink cartridges and the CD burner arrived as advertised and Oakland parade I'll set them up this coming (for me) four day weekend. Merry Christmas me. Merry Christmas to all. I've done a prototype web site design for the office, more a template to give the same look and feel to the six or eight sites within our technology group, and I plan to put the entire thing together on my own time over the weekend. An attempt to gain wider notice and exposure and move further into the web side of the business. I'm looking forward to it whether they like it or not. It's good, but for anyone who has worked with clients, good isn't enough, because they really don't know one way or another. You've go to sell the sons of bitches. So wish me luck. Luck will get you through times of no talent better than talent will get you through times of no luck. You have similar results with money and drugs.

The banner photograph was taken of my phantom nephew in Portland, the clown at a recent Oakland parade. The quote which I should really change one of these days is by Jane Wagner.