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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Railroad tracks in Oakland

December 15th, 2000

I Hope Someone Asks
In to work this morning early, read the paper over a light breakfast, make some last minute changes to one of the company web sites, head over to our Christmas party across the street at noon. Balloons, a photographer with a Santa Claus taking pictures of all comers, a string octet, nice hors d'oeuvres, a ballroom filled with large linen covered tables and people everywhere eating and drinking.

I stood at one of the doors overlooking the crowd as I ate some stuffed mushroom caps (OK, they were tasty. I went back for more.) and realized I didn't really know anyone in the room. This is not a good sign, but what the hell, it's the holidays. The sun was shining and the afternoon was now my own. Time to go shopping.

I'd ordered the Epson printer from last night, the one that replaces the Epson color ink cartridges with special third party black and grey ink cartridges to make black and white prints, so today I went to CompUSA and bought CD blanks and jewel cases, dropped by the hospital to get a routine blood test and then drove home. Not too much traffic, not too many people in the store, a nice laid back afternoon of take care of some errands and then back in time to watch the early public news program on TV followed by a nap. Could I handle this full time, no more work, every day a weekend? Yes. I could do that.

Tired. The upper molars aching either because they're aching as upper molars will ache from time to On Telegraph Avenue time or because the nerves in my mouth are making progress reconnecting themselves after the mouth operation and now instead of being numb for the last two years, they're about to wake up and ache for another hour (Please let it be an hour. OK?. Not weeks. Not months. Not - lordy! lordy! - freaking years! OK? OK?) Some Tylenol and they feel better already. Am I worried that they'll come back through an aching phase? Do I think they'll come back at all? Who knows. I rarely worry about much of anything. I can get upset, I can get cranky, I can write on interminably of minor woes, but mostly I take it as it comes. More so than I should, some people say, but I'm not one of them.

There's an annual street fair on Telegraph Avenue tomorrow, one of the reasons I ran the picture of the mannequin head that I took back in 1997. I photographed and sent a print to a folk singing couple at the last fair because they asked, a simple not very good 5 x 7 machine printed by the local camera shop. Now I can do my own. I hope someone asks.

The banner photograph was taken from the Coast Starlight entering Oakland, the second is an older photograph that I've run before. I was going through my old slides looking for images to print and I found this one. It was taken on Telegraph Avenue in 1997. The quote is by Jane Wagner.