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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Oakland parade

December 8th, 2000

A Toy For The Boy
So they're recounting ballots and people are peering over their parapets with blood in their eyes, contemplating art and life and exactly how far they have to go to bring their candidate home and how far they actually can go before someone notices they've moved from ballots to blackjacks (or bullets). Yes, I voted for Gore, but I'm not sure that matters anymore. (Except the prescription drug thing, but what the hell, what's a few pills between a fella and his government? Besides, if Gore is elected, the Republicans won't let him pass gass, let alone prescription drugs.) I have confidence that both sides are capable of anything, as long as they can keep it out of the papers.

Well, OK. Enough of that. It's Friday and around here, Friday night excitement is watching the news on public television. What do you suppose they will be talking about? What else do you suppose they will be talking about?

It was suggested to me at work today that if I were to choose to find another job I'd have the support Oakland parade of my manager. I think that means he'd say nice things about me in order to get me out the door. Normally this means you're dead meat, although I'm not sure that's exactly the current situation, but it's best I explore the possibilites for other employment. Hard to say what to do. I've been talking about getting my ass in gear, so this, at least, is motivation to get going. My thought is to just throw myself into the interesting aspects of my work and ride them to wherever they take me. The company itself is exploding and there's plenty of interesting stuff going on at about 800 miles an hour. Simple, no difficult decisions required, just roll up the sleeves, keep the head down and who knows, ducking the issue or not ducking the issue, it might work. This will involve less time on the journal and more time here at home on the technology, but I could use the break. I will look at the bright side.

The contractors I've talked with recently who've been out on the market say that for desktop-server experience, young or old (you're old in this business at 40), if put your name on DICE you'll have a job pretty much immediately. DICE, for those who live out there in reality land, is a web site where you post your name and experience and the head hunters start calling to ask for your resume. That's how I got my current job. Nice job, but back then I was an experienced Novell network CNE and, um, younger. I am no longer a CNE, since we are now a Microsoft rather than a Novell shop, and I am seven years older, albeit wiser and a webmaster.

Well, no use to dwell on this. I have plenty to do and much of it interesting. I'll set up a new server here in the apartment (which allows me to duck the problem by throwing money at it) and play in the evenings. I am a salesman and a bullshitter, but I do like the technology and when it breaks I can fix it. A toy for the boy. For Christmas.

A recent Oakland parade and MSP at lunch. The quote is by Jane Wagner.