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Dim Sum for lunch.
August 24th, 1999

I think Mr. Wuss is better as he was sitting up (still hidden under the desk) when I came in. He hadn't eaten and he wasn't interested in the small bowl of water I put in front of him, but he did move to the balcony door after I'd opened it to look outside, then moved back under the desk, but sitting instead of lying down. I'm watching him walk as I write and he's shaky with his tail literally dragging on the carpet, but he's walking. Looks like a cat after a three day drunk.

I'm sold on the idea something bit him and bit him somewhere tender and unpleasant, but what? Where does it hang out? Does it have friends and family within commuting distance? I assume if they/it bit me I wouldn't like it much, but it wouldn't put me on the floor either. I'm worried when Wuss gets better and starts sleeping on the bed again he'll re meet they/it and pack his bags, leave this flea pit, thanks for the good times Prop, as he waves goodbye from the bus window, forward his email thank you, when he finds a more up scale address.

I think I'm back on schedule. I missed some days with the move, but I think I have enough in place to count on writing time in the evenings. Still no email, but I may take a crack at that in the morning at work. Shouldn't be too difficult. I talked about applying for the Intranet webmaster's job at my company, but it looks as if the interviews are not going to happen for more months yet for one unfortunate reason which means I'm going to have to plan what I'm going to do through the end of the year.

I hope it isn't finding a new job because I hate the thought, although this would be a good time to move. I know too many people at too many companies with web positions open and maybe its time to bail. My saying something like that is like my saying I'm going to move: may take years. We'll see. First, there's a blues festival happening in Berkeley next weekend and another blues festival over the Labor Day Weekend in downtown Oakland. Walking distance. Maybe I can build up my stock of phtographs.

The banner photograph was taken last week when a group of us went to lunch at a Dim Sum restaurant near the office. It might not be obvious, but he's a techie contractor in my section making about $60 an hour paid under the table, of course, because California doesn't allow us to hire that young. Writes real clean C++ and doesn't complain as long as we take him to lunch every day and keep the refrigerator full of Coke.