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KPFA demonstration, Berkeley, last weekend.
August 4th, 1999

Never Ever Heard of It
I have been attacked by the vacuous. The slippery silent devil that creeps into my head and makes me write vacuous. Not good to write vacuous. Even worse to read. And I have just read what I have written over the past hours and I am running on empty empty empty. So have deleted it.

I want to sit down with a drink and space out. Writing yesterday's entry was a hassle in that I couldn't quite get it to read properly. It was OK, it just could have been better. I don't want to change my schedule, I like whatever discipline this daily writing imposes (It must be good for me, right? Clears my skin, improves my memory, makes me more jolly sitting here in front of my computer monitor? Right?), but it'd be nice to maybe work with something for more than a few hours.

And for some reason Photoshop is not seeing my film scanner. This has happened before and I probably just need to twiddle with the connections, but I'm not up for it this evening. I scanned the banner photograph last night and decided to not use it because, well, what's happening in it beside the fact there are a lot of anonymous people standing in front of Sproul Hall? But without the scanner.... I know, I know, never complain, never explain, but I'm young and have much to learn.

My friend Mr. Post has been gentle with my wooden shoes rambling of yesterday and I appreciate his temperance. We have done this before. I blame it on the Glenmorangie and the lack of sleep. And the Republicans. I blame it on the lack of sleep and the Republicans, the Glenmorangie had nothing to do with it. For those of you who do not follow such things Glenmorangie is made in Scotland and comes in a bottle and the Washington State Liquor Control Board has never ever heard of it.

The photographs were taken of the KPFA demonstration in front of Sproul Hall on the Berkeley campus.