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KPFA march, Berkeley, last weekend.
August 2nd, 1999

In The Evenings
I'm going to make this short. I need to pack, I need to sleep, I need to figure out why I'm crashing and burning and wrestling with this first paragraph. Which I have rewritten three or four times. This one. A few crummy sentences. Short ones.

I've been looking at my mountain of junk and have actually packed half a dozen boxes. Not a dent. I'm looking at the 1,000 lp records against the wall. They will be handled by the movers, but I'll have to take them down and disassemble the shelves, ugly great big 2 x 12's I put together with horrendously long screws back in the Age of Turn Tables, just after the Pliocene when I needed them. I'm not sure I need them now. Music I loved, still love, but don't play very much.

I'm having periods of dumb these days, the writing of the first paragraph an example. Good mornings, not bad just after lunch, but spotty dumb late afternoons on through the evenings. And I write this in the evenings.

The banner photograph was taken of the KPFA demonstration at the entrance to the Berkeley campus on Telegraph.