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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 6, 2017


Sunday. Must have been more tired than I imagined and so to bed around nine last night, getting sleep by ten, awakening to take a leak two or three times (drank too much V8 juice during the day, I'm afraid) to then awaken at six-fifteen, right on target. Up and out the door to drive to breakfast.

Had an avocado with cheese omelet with country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, forgetting, when I ordered, to tell them to hold off on the cheese. We'll see if that was a mistake soon enough. The Fremont Festival of the Arts later today is the plan, although I may find a way to talk myself out of it.

Overcast and cool again. No complaints.

Later. The usual back and forth on going to the festival, but finally opting to head out the door with the cameras in tow after deciding there wasn't anywhere else locally I wanted to go and so the bus to BART and Fremont, the trains passing to San Francisco showing standing room only, the train to Fremont practically empty in comparison to pick a seat two seats away from a fellow who spent the entire twenty minute ride talking to himself in low tones and accompanying it with hand gestures. Kept me more aware of my surroundings than I might otherwise have been.

Walked maybe half a mile from the station to the festival under what was now a much warmer sun in a long sleeved shirt. I'd thought about that as I was setting out, should have thought about it more. Lots of people, the paper said typically something like two hundred and fifty thousand each day, but nothing much in the way of pictures.

Lots of booths selling some interesting stuff, a band or two with people dancing out front and food carts without overly long lines. I don't like lines, overly long or otherwise, although I did give in finally and bought an ice cream cup and deciding I'd walked and seen enough and headed back to the station.

Happy to have gone if only to see what one of these things look like. I'm assuming I only walked through a small part of it, if a quarter million people were present today, but again, few if any pictures. Need to think about that and handle festivals like these a little differently from here on out.

Managed to get to the Fremont platform just as a train was pulling out, and so to the Oakland 19th Street station and a walk to the apartment house fire site off Grand to take a couple of pictures there before the bus arrived. Well, snapshots: point, shoot and done.

Evening. Two Elementary episodes I've seen before, more listening to them as I worked on photographs at the computer. Did do some work with the Nihonmachi photographs earlier, I'm redoing the entire group to include the earlier years, but we'll continue with them tomorrow. Nothing on television and so to bed. Not bad, this sunny day in Oakland.

The photo up top was taken at the Nihonmachi Street Fair yesterday afternoon with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.