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Here In Oakland

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August 4, 2017


Friday. A decent night's sleep, awakening at just after six to get up, get ready and walk to breakfast with all three papers in tow. The East Bay Times has been more reliable delivering by six-thirty these last many mornings.

Overcast again, two strips of bacon, eggs over medium, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast and, if I can place blame for the ocular incident that hit after I got home, that's what I can blame it on. Two strips of bacon?

Out of recent pictures that fit for the one up top, so used one of the two taken on the way home. Started editing yesterday's entry, but then crashed and burned in bed for close to an hour before getting up again and posting. I keep thinking I've gotten beyond these damned ocular episodes, but they come back without permission.

We won't speculate what the rest of the day will bring other than television, web news sites and time with the ever present tablet.

Later. There are two festivals coming up this weekend, the Nihonmachi Street Fair at Japantown in San Francisco and the Fremont Festival of the Arts in Fremont, both of them BART-able, so we're thinking it best to be in better shape tomorrow and Sunday mornings than we were this morning by having a low key breakfast.

This was the thought setting out on the bus to the Broadway ATM and then on to the City Center bagel shop for a pastry and coffee, the vision working to adjust to the outdoors after sitting in front of the computer screen, the head in a bubble, not the sort of condition you want to be in if you're out walking, let alone looking for photographs.

So, back to the apartment to take a dose of the pain meds to see what they might do for the current situation and then settle down and watch/listen to the news. We do follow the news.

Later still. I'm guessing that second dose of the meds had an effect, as the world seems clearer, although it's taken a couple of hours. Still, no complaints. The usual news programs along with checking out Law & Order episodes now and again only to discover I've seen them all and don't need to see them again. Which is too bad as I like their catch a thief-try the thief format. Still overcast, although, now in the late afternoon the temperature, if not the humidity, is better.

Evening. Skipped Democracy Now!, finished the last Trapped episode on the tablet, ten hours of Iceland snow and coffee consumption. Happy enough to have watched it. I'm one of the few members of the Icelandic line of my extended family that hasn't been to Iceland and at this age of mine I suspect that's the way it will remain.

Checked out Charlie Rose as usual, but bailed and went to bed to continue with another series that's had me hooked.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 1350m f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.