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August 1, 2017

Could Be

Tuesday. Finished the evening watching a Netflix series before lights out by ten to then awaken at quarter to six after a decent night's rest. Up easily enough to set out walking to breakfast under a clear sky, the sun coming up over the nearby hills. Had the Eggs Benedict with country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee this time, feeling clear headed and ready for, well, something.

All of two pictures walking home to then take a look at yesterday's entry. Hadn't finished it, but I had worked on it more than usual yesterday morning and so the edits weren't too extensive. Still, the words don't come as easily as they once did.

Tuesday. Not sure what the day will bring. Having nothing on television should encourage in getting me out the door, farther than I managed yesterday, anyway.

Later. There was a Trappist Craft Beer and Taco Tuesday Lake Merritt Run scheduled for this morning that I totally forgot about, but set out over to the lake thinking I'd take pictures if there was anything to see and, if not, go by the burger drive-in for a grilled cheese sandwich. Felt fuzzy headed, something that came on in the later morning and, discovering no sign of the Trappists, headed to the drive-in to order a “toasted cheese” sandwich, not able to dredge up “grilled” from the memory. Ah, well: memory. I knew thee well.

Home, ate the sandwich, went then to lie down on the bed and continue a series on Netflix until the head came back together, which it did around two. The Eggs Benedict this morning? Not worth asking, although I could go back through some recent entries to see what happened the last couple of times I've had it for breakfast. Nah. We'll leave it in peace. And attempt to remember this the next time we have it for breakfast.

Nice day, warmer, they're saying it's going to set all kinds of records later this week, particularly up in Oregon and Washington. And here in the Central Valley. Best not to be living in the Central Valley, but one hundred degrees in Seattle? Not the Seattle where I grew up.

Later still. So much for going out again. Spent the rest of the afternoon watching this and that on television and the tablet, no thought to do much of anything else. Felt right. I did see a reminder on Facebook that the Trappist Run was scheduled for this evening and not this morning, but this doesn't seem to have gotten me up to go out and look for pictures. So much for getting outside.

Evening. Wondered at an odor that seemed to be wafting into the bedroom while watching a series on the tablet and realized finally, when I got up to check out Charlie Rose, that I'd forgotten tonight was the neighborhood National Night Out block party and what I'd been smelling was smoke from the various grills outside. When's the last time I've attended one? Not sure I've ever attended one, although I seem to recall briefly taking pictures at one. Many years ago.

Which makes you a hermit? Ever think about that? Hermit?

Sure. Know one or two people from my building, but otherwise don't know anyone out there (and there are many people outside now talking and eating) and have made no effort to participate. Yes, I suspect that's not good, but I'm not dwelling on it other than mentioning it here. Maybe I have become a hermit. Could be.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.