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Here In Oakland

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August 16, 2016

To Bed

Tuesday. Early to bed to awaken but once during the night (maybe consume less water later in the day?) and then to awaken and get up just before six, feeling sluggish, but ready.

Overcast again, markedly so, but a decent walk to breakfast to have the crab cake Benedict for breakfast. Thought maybe an omelet would have been the better choice as I was walking home, but hadn't thought of it when I'd ordered. Another memory glitch: omelets. People have them for breakfast. Maybe salt that away somewhere more easily remembered for tomorrow. Or Thursday.

Now, now.

Forgot I had a Protime blood thinner test scheduled this morning and a haircut scheduled on Wednesday. A crowded week, given how our weeks go these days. No complaints. An excuse to get in another walk today and to put off doing laundry again until Thursday. We're starting to run low on t-shirts and shorts.

Later. Out the door and on the bus to Broadway, another bus arriving as I arrived at the Broadway stop and so easily on to the lab to sign in and then wait for half an hour before they could take five minutes to draw blood. Still, things went well, no real complaints.

A single picture, holding the camera up over the fence to show what they were up to at the construction site across from the lab, before walking to the Broadway ATM. No Broadway bus this time, but I did catch (with a minute to spare) the Grand Avenue bus home, today's lab run completed before noon.

A phone message from the pharmacy saying two refills were ready for pickup and so a walk to the pharmacy and then a walk to the morning café for a grilled cheese (cheddar colored cheese food) sandwich, potato salad and iced tea out on their patio. Felt good. The sun had come out before noon and the temperature was in the low seventies, so it was comfortable sitting there in the shade at a table in a t-shirt watching the people walk by. Haven't done this now in some time.

A walk home to listen to the three o'clock News Hour, because that's been the habit since forever, while sitting here writing this. Life in the fast lane, I'd say, if in saying it I didn't find it impossible not to wince.

Evening. Might have done more walking than I thought today, the legs and feet aching a bit. More than in the past. I suspect I just don't get enough walking in to really call it exercise and the talking will have to give way to walking if I'm ever going to get off the dime.

Nothing on television and so time on the tablet before checking in with Charlie Rose at eight to find another Presidential race conversation about Donald Trump. Everybody's discussing the race and Donald Trump again and again and so we headed to bed.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the San Francisco Pistahan Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.