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August 11, 2016

From Oz

Thursday. Lights out early, awake at five fifty-three, soon enough by two minutes to catch the five minute news roundup on KPFA before Democracy Now started at six. As I did yesterday morning.

All of which means?

A good start at the desired hour, maybe things will stay on course from here on out. Quite overcast and cool as I was walking to breakfast, passing by this Honda Night Hawk on its side at the corner where I turn left onto Grand, wondering how it happened. A parked car touching the bike while backing out, the driver not stopping to put it back on its stand? Done maliciously by whomever during the night? I'd forgotten about it, forgotten I'd taken the picture as I was cutting through the parking lot on the way home and didn't check to see if the owner had picked it up. So that's its story: a variation on an old dude's lengthening series of memory blips.

Anyway, a decent breakfast, a picture or two on the way home, still overcast with just a hint of rain, the light touch of something wet as you turn to walk into the wind, rain that doesn't make you wet.

Need to get pictures later at Latham Square to finish its web section, so on to the Broadway ATM later and then maybe lunch at the City Center. Then again I babble in the mornings, listing the things a sensible person would accomplish before dark, all the while doubting the chance they'll get done. A routine start to the day, in other words.

Later. Out the door at ten-thirty to take the bus to Latham Square and shoot the usual set of pictures, an AT&T truck blocking one of the Broadway lanes and holding up traffic. Working on what? Latham Square related? When is this thing ever going to be finished?

Not hungry and so no thought to go on to the City Center for lunch, but walked back to the apartment instead, stopping by the Broadway ATM, but after the pictures had been taken and not before. A touch of paranoia all the while I was out. Not sure where that comes from as the head was reasonably coherent, the vision good. And someone had righted that motorcycle I'd photographed on the way to breakfast.

Later still. Processed today's Latham pictures and put together that last section of photographs for the two web sites. Is Latham Square done? I'm done. We'll take more at some point when there are no trucks blocking traffic to finish up whatever aspect of the project that's still left.

A walk to the burger drive-in to bring home a grilled chicken sandwich. I'd been thinking of getting one, but waited until well into the afternoon to make the idea of eating one compelling enough to get me out the door.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now (of course), watched an odd ball movie on the tablet (what else?), got up and watched pretty much all of Charlie Rose (for a change) and thus we've now finished another evening here across the Bay from Oz.

The photo up top was taken walking by an entrance door to the Grand Fare Market this morning after breakfast with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.