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August 8, 2016


Monday. Must be because I didn't drink any great quantities of water last night, but a straight through sleep from after ten to six, getting up in a reasonably clear headed and not fighting the idea of walking to breakfast state. Which is good. Interesting interplay of emotions in the mornings in making my “do I walk” decision. I almost always do, but it's a question that most always bubbles silently right below the surface. Clear headed makes the decision a breeze.

On the scale this morning to see one forty-nine on the dial. We've been very slowly losing a tenth of a pound here, a tenth of a pound there, and now we're below one-fifty for the second time (in the last fifty, maybe sixty years). What the hell, a large breakfast, the crab cake Benedict breakfast with a full portion of country potatoes, coffee and mixed fruit. Caution to the wind, in other words, getting it down without a problem.

The morning overcast, but now showing some sun. They're saying a high of seventy-three, a good temperature, and so we'll see what we may yet accomplish. Things to catch up with on the Latham Square web sites and books to read on Lightroom and Nikon camera auto-focusing setups that arrived on Saturday. Lightroom seems the more likely (easier) project to start.

Later. A bath (yes, surprised me too) and then a walk over to the local burger drive-in to bring home a grilled chicken sandwich. A slow start, a nice start (for an old fart) to the day. Time now to take on at least one of the tasks we were talking about, start with the Latham Square web pages, something I can do sitting right here in front of this computer.

Later still. Sat down and put together two more sections of Latham Square photographs, bringing us into July. Another two tomorrow. I hope. It's after six now, listening to Democracy Now playing on the television in the background, and so I'm far enough along in the day to know I won't do more. So we'll say tomorrow.

They're kind of boring, those pictures.

They're more a photo dump than a finished project. If I were to take the next step I'd shrink the whole group down to maybe a hundred photographs in all (there are close to fifteen hundred now), picking out the better ones. If there are a hundred better ones.

Evening. Watched more of that movie I realized I'd rented at some time in the distant past, still have no idea who done it or how it ends. Only the beginning and a few scenes strike a distant memory, otherwise it might as well be a movie I've never seen before. I may pull down one of the movies from the shelf that I've owned for years and see if the same memory lapse applies. Might.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Anime & Cosplay Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.