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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 20, 2015


Thursday. An uneven night's sleep. Light's out at ten, but dropping off finally much later, and then awakening two or three times in the middle of the night without easily getting back to sleep. Warm, the shoulder where I'd gotten the flu shot a little sore and psychological stuff from yesterday's event entering the mix from odd directions.

Still, up with the alarm easily enough to prepare and then walk to breakfast, the thought of carrying the camera in hand, as I usually would, somewhat foreboding. The decision was to place the camera in a backpack while walking to breakfast. Can't take pictures when your camera’s in a backpack, not off the cuff anyway, not in the moment, but easing the mind was what drove the decision. For now.

Breakfast and the papers, taking the camera from the backpack as I was leaving to take the morning pandorea picture. OK, on home, carrying the camera in hand as I usually do, let's see how we handle it. We are thinking about this changed reality and how we're going to walk local streets in the future with a camera. For some time to come.

An opportunity for needed change to the routines? The habits? Decide to do things that have been looming, waiting for a decision? Action? Shoot less, write more? Move to Portland, something my sister has been urging?

Later. Well, a walk over to the ATM on Lakeshore still debating the carrying of a camera - take one, which camera, in the backpack? - and decided to carry one of the older cameras in hand as I've always carried them in hand. Obviously more paranoid as I was walking, checking over my shoulder, pondering ways to come to a solution.

Right now I'm thinking of carrying them in the backpack as I can't really recall how many pictures I've ever taken just heading along to a non-picture taking destination. Some, certainly, but hardly a majority. Maybe carry the small Nikon 1 camera under the jacket. Well. We'll see, but this looking over the shoulder, if it doesn't calm down in the next week or so, isn't going to cut it. And indeed, most of carrying one in hand is more of a habit, than a necessity. He said.

Later still. Time on the tablet, no trip to either of the construction sites. I've needed a break from them anyway, but we want time to turn over the head changes since yesterday's learning experience.

Evening. Another day, another evening without television, at least none I'm willing to admit to watching. Not so bad. To bed early enough, lights out early enough, we're ready for another tomorrow.

Did talk with the sister. She too is often out with a camera up in Portland, but in her case specializing more in landscape photographs where she's run into similar situations where she's wondered if an approaching stranger wasn't looking to grab and run with one of her cameras. Out on Highway One alone by the side of the road with a camera on a tripod, for example.

So, some comparing of notes, some thoughts on how to change my behavior to reduce the chance of another incident, lower the possibility of physical (and psychological) damage. The life side of the art and life equation. Life does creep in, now and again, at its own time, on its own schedule.

The photo up top was taken at last week's Wednesday City Center noon hour concert with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.