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August 13, 2015

Night's Rest

Thursday. Lights out before ten, but an uneven night's sleep, awakening two or three times, one of them for a good half an hour. Or a bad half an hour, however you think about it. Still, awake thirty minutes before the alarm to get up in no worse shape than on any of the other recent mornings to walk to breakfast under an overcast sky. They're saying warmer through the weekend. We don't need warmer through the weekend.

I was thinking, as I was reading the papers this morning with stories about Taylor Swift, that I can't name a single one of her songs. I know who she is, monster selling performer/singer with a huge following and I'm sure I've heard her work not knowing it's her. Taking my disconnect with current culture a little too far? Maybe. Probably. Similarly with Kim Kardashian. I've never seen her on television, only know her through her press and online.

Which means?

I have no idea. I'm just thinking it's odd, another notation made, another lesson learned about this business of getting along in years.

Later. We'll skip our construction site photographs for another day. A walk over along the lake and on to the ice cream shop on Lakeshore (two scoops in the waffle cup) and then back to the apartment to lie down and attempt a nap. Failed, didn't sleep, but this has been the routine now well into the afternoon. Tired without being able to sleep.

An excellent excuse to goof off, though. Take every advantage of it.

Later still. Not a lot to say. More time lying down, more time on the tablet, some time on the guitar (poor guitar!) and no time spent on anything sitting on the ‘to do’ list. And that's how the day has gone.

Evening. Two of the three PBS stations are raising money at the moment and so no Inspector Lewis or Vera tonight. An Inspector Lewis I would undoubtedly have seen before and a Vera that would run too late. So lights out before ten and (please) a good night's rest.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the ‘Vigil for Mike Brown and All Our Fallen’ with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.