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August 8, 2015

Cart It Off

Saturday. To bed and to sleep last night again before ten. Well, lights out before ten, to sleep sooner than later. Awake again about fifteen minutes before the alarm to get up and out the door on another overcast morning. I'd debated driving, but then I debate driving many a morning and still get right out the door to walk. It also helps to have left the car keys on the chest of drawers in the bedroom when you reach the building lobby. Works every time.

A waffle with butter and syrup this time, along with the mixed fruit and coffee for breakfast, we're still running those two pounds under target, back home without having taken a picture of one of the pandorea flowers. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't.

Posted yesterday's too long entry after wrestling with it for a while and then to bed to zone out for half an hour. Experiencing symptoms that portend a less than good day ahead? Who knows, we took another dose of the pain meds for the sinuses and another dose of the meds prescribed for the ocular migraines when we got up. Not sure either did any good.

Later. A walk to the Grand Lake Farmers Market thinking maybe some dim sum, but bailed when I saw how many people were waiting in line and so walked on to the ice cream shop on Lakeshore and had two scoops in a waffle cup. For whatever reason not a single picture either going to or walking back. Still overcast.

There's a show at the Berkeley library celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Berkeley Barb. We knew people at the Barb back when, Max Sherr came to at least one of our parties at the old Rip Off Ranch (we had some good parties at both the Rip Off Press and the Ranch) and they, of course, ran work by a number of the cartoonists published by the Press. I suspect I won't go see it today, but I've been thinking about it.

The sinuses seem to have settled down, no signs of ocular anythings, no urges to go out and do something either, so the day is a bit of a wash. Feel pretty good, but no ambition. Maybe head up to Portland next week, kick the tires, see if there's air left in any of them.

Are we wandering here?

We are. We're sitting here with the sliding glass balcony door open, the temperature is good, the sky is overcast and the sound of drums is coming in from the lake. Nice, drums from the lake. Have no idea what the neighbors think, but I'm in favor of drums in the distance as long as they don't go on after ten at night.

Later still. We've spent the rest of the day watching movies and futzing around with news sites. Thought about going downtown to see what was happening at the demonstration scheduled to start at four and decided it could start without me. Saw a couple of pictures on Twitter of today's Laurel Street Festival that looked as if people were turning out and so I may go there tomorrow. Not sure why I'm so unmotivated since the sinuses and such cleared themselves up.

Evening. Nothing on television and I've probably spent too much time with the tablet. I did notice a post in my local neighborhood group by someone who's giving away a Queen size mattress that had three enthusiastic responses. I'll contact the two who responded too late to get it tomorrow, see if I can't get rid of my old mattress, something I've been putting off for too long. It's in good condition, but it's taking up bedroom space and it would be nice to have someone cart it off.

Another one of these “I'll do it tomorrow” statements.

Hey! Too late to do it today.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Michael Brown remembrance at 14th and Broadway with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.