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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 6, 2015

Before Now

Thursday. And we did get to bed early and we did turn the lights out early (early enough, anyway) to awaken again at six, get up and head out the door to walk to breakfast on what seemed to be a clear skies morning, although we're now seeing overcast and clouds at ten. Who knows? We have fires burning here and there around the state, no need for clear skies and high temperatures. He said.

Perceptive little devils, are we not?

We have our moments, although this may not have been one of them.

Later. A bus downtown to get off at Latham Square and shoot another set of photographs. I arrived not long after eleven when most of the people working on site are taking their noon break (I suspect their day starts around seven and breaks early to miss the late afternoon heat), but still a decent set of photographs, again remembering to take the Rotunda building elevator to the stairwell.

I was able to catch the return bus with three minutes to spare, which was good, as I was starting to feel a little wiggy with a dry mouth coming on as I was finishing up Latham Square. That avocado and Swiss cheese omelet (light on the cheese) this morning? When's the last time I've had one for breakfast? The last time I had a dry mouth in the morning.

Best to remember these things.

If nothing else it does reinforce the determination. No more anythings with cheese for breakfast! Avocados get a pass. For now.

Still together enough on the bus to get off bus at the apartment house construction site and take the daily pictures before walking on home and lying down for twenty minutes. At least, when it comes, it goes quickly.

Evening. Watched Inspector Lewis. I'd seen it before, had no idea who'd done it until the very end. Same situation with the various movies and such I'm watching on the tablet. I take a look at one, after say a week, and have no idea what it's was about until I open it and start watching where I last left off and the story line and characters all fall into place. At least with these I remember. Ah, well. Vera at nine-thirty. We'll see how this one goes. At least I haven't seen it before, well, seen it before now.

The photo up top was taken at the Art & Soul Festival yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.