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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 1, 2015

Write It Down

Saturday. To bed and lights out at a decent hour last night to awaken (sort of awaken) at six, lying in bed thinking about it for five minutes before getting up and out the door by seven, deciding to take the car. We'll get plenty of exercise later at Art & Soul, no need to walk to breakfast this morning, no reason not to indulge. It's the weekend, after all.

You're making excuses.

What the hell. We're allowed.

Not a bad day yesterday, as I believe I said (more times than a sane man should allow), no reason to suspect today won't be the same. Had the plain waffle with fruit and coffee again for breakfast and got home to wrestle with yesterday's entry. The writing isn't what it should be, but then very little else is anymore, we'll get on with the morning and leave it at that.

Off to Art & Soul by noon. Not as easy to find pictures at these as it's more like the task of a real street photographer in that you're photographing people who are attending an event rather than people who are participating (usually in costume) in an event. But that's the reality and I'm still looking forward to the day and how it turns out.

Later. I arrived on the bus at five minutes before noon, five minutes before it opened. Why had I been thinking it opened earlier? At eleven? The lines were quite long, but moved quickly enough once they started. The problem with taking pictures when you're one of the first through the door is there aren't many people to photograph. Better to come later, said a little voice. Indeed. We never learn.

Still, an interesting free form dance contest first thing, dancers coming to compete from all over the area. Some were announced as coming from Korea, Norway and the like, but I suspect they were students who were attending the local schools.

So pictures before someone came up to me as I was shooting and asked if I were credentialed and, if not, please get off the stage. OK. They were polite and I left, but it broke the concentration and I stopped shooting the dance contest and left to find what else might be found to take more photographs, but most of them at the end of the day were of those same individuals participating in that dance contest. We'll total up what we've gotten and then see how many we need to complete the two sections I was hoping to post tomorrow.

Clear headed, felt good, had a decent lunch in the middle of things at the City Center and I was tired, but not that tired, but I had gotten a little cranky two or three times during the day. Disturbing to notice how little will set you off, not something I remember happening when I was younger, but it freaks me a whole lot more if I let any of it get out. Didn't let any of it out, but it caused me to think.

All of which means?

It's three in the afternoon, I have pictures to process and have no time to worry over cartoon images of cranky old men off in a snit.

Later still. I managed to scrape together one section of photographs, although I may replace two or three if I get better ones tomorrow. Still, one or two I like. Pictures and some time watching crap on the tablet have gotten us happily through the afternoon and into the evening.

Evening. Nothing on television, nothing on the radio and so to bed before ten. He said. Sounds much too sensible when you write it down.

The photo up top was taken at the Medicare 50th Anniversary demonstration/celebration at Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.