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August 28, 2012

Decent Hour
Tuesday. To bed again last night well before ten, but difficulty in getting to sleep. I'd evidently pulled a muscle in my chest unloading those clothes at the Goodwill store yesterday, at least that's the only thing I can think that might have started the painful ache that began as I was driving home, and it kept waking me up as I tried to find a body position that it would tolerate. Haven't had anything like that happen in recent memory. Unloading clothes into a large hamper, not straining myself in any way that I can recall? Ah, well. At least it seems to have been a pulled muscle and not that other thing they talk about.

Up with the alarm, dragging just a bit more than I did yesterday morning, off to breakfast and back with the sky clear and the sun rising. We're going to have a very warm day today, I'm afraid, best my haircut is scheduled early at ten. The hair and I are ready, as it's getting, well, less manageable lately in the mornings, takes ever more time and effort to paste it in place.


We did the Goodwill run yesterday to start the week. I have an idea or two of what we might do today to keep up the momentum. Odd set of thoughts for someone so addicted to sloth. I'm curious to see what happens.

Later. The nine-thirty bus I catch to go downtown didn't come this morning so I raced (walked quickly and then ran) down two stops to catch another that took a similar route, went by the ATM on Broadway for cash, walked back to hop on one of the free Jack London buses to get off at the City Center and arrive one minute after my appointment was to start at ten. There are disadvantages to this “can't be late” neurosis of mine, makes some of what otherwise should be laid back moments a hectic mess.

Still, haircut done, back home now on the bus after picking up a caramel coffee in the Rotunda building (why I drink that crap I don't know), one or two stabs along the way from whatever muscle it was I pulled in my chest yesterday, but nothing like it was yesterday or last night as I was attempting to sleep. So the day has started, the sun is out, it's obviously going to be hotter than hell (for this older, easily wilted resident) and there's much that can be productively done here in the apartment (reference the odd behavior in going to the Goodwill store yesterday). So.


So we're going to take a nap and then make a move to make our mark. In the bedroom, I think. Things to be cleared out, dusting to be done, pictures to be hung. Keep just enough going to keep my mind rolling along on this totally improbable set of tracks.

Later still. Dozing off and then awakening inside an ocular migraine all confused about what I was listening to on the radio. These damned things do take you to places not on the map. OK, up now, we've had another one. Now, in getting up and taking my afternoon meds, had I also taken them before I lay down and have I now taken a double dose? Not good to take a double dose of the blood thinner, particularly as this is the one day of the week when the dose doubles.

Did you?

I don't think so, but I'm not sure. Haven't had that problem in a while - difficulty remembering what I've taken two hours earlier - so maybe we're back to using the system we use on the road: load them into one of the little plastic containers that doles them out by the day, by the dose. If the little pocket in the container for this afternoon is empty, you don't have to strain your brain to remember: if it's empty you did.

That's a bit worrisome.

Tell me.

Evening. The head is clear. I watched the Maigret at six, one I've seen before, but watched it none the less while practicing guitar. A good two hours plus this evening on the guitar (a pat on the head and a gold star for the old coot, he seems to seek it), so OK, we're on schedule for our lesson on Thursday.

I was still somewhat under the influence of that ocular migraine when I was wondering above whether I'd taken two doses of the afternoon meds, I'm fairly certain I only took the one, although any confusion on that question is sobering. More for what it may mean for the future than any one day mix up now. A different set of concerns and circumstances, this growing older. A bit different to be in the middle of it than just hearing the stories when you're younger. Shouldn't be surprising. Too surprising. I guess.

It's been quite warm today, warm this evening, I think I'll check the windows to see they're open and then get to bed at a decent hour.

The photo up top was taken at the J-Pop Summit Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.