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August 26, 2012

Wave Again Tomorrow
Sunday. I was pretty much out of gas yesterday after shooting in San Francisco, but it all came together again in the early evening, so that's good. It fuzzed the head more than a little for a good part of the afternoon, although a fuzzed head, while working in Photoshop, doesn't really seem to slow you down. To bed before ten, up at seven without having set the alarm, back from breakfast and the papers by nine. We're ready for the day (insofar as we're “ready” for anything at this this hour). Hup.

We'll set out later this morning than I did yesterday for J-Pop repeating yesterday's detour to again check the chalk mural near the corner of Broadway and 14th before heading to J-Pop on BART. There are signs of sun here in Oakland now that it approaches eleven, maybe we'll see similar signs in San Francisco. Maybe. You hope.

Later. I did end up stopping to check the chalk mural at the 12th Street station, the powers that be seem to have allowed it to remain in place over the weekend. So far I'd been feeling a bit wobbly, the engine not quite fully started, setting out for San Francisco on the bus, on BART and then on the bus again to Japantown, but today's J-Pop went much better than yesterday's venture, my first photograph of the day of this young woman, taken just after we'd both gotten off the bus at Laguna Street.

I'm usually not interested in posed photographs, although I've worked at times with pleasure in a studio setting with portraits, and so I don't usually ask, but I did ask for a picture and she was kind enough to take the time to put down her bag and strike a pose. Not bad, she obviously knows the J-Pop form. I assume she was entered in the fashion contest and hope she did well and won. Diddle-dee-done.


And, although I started the day wondering if I was going to end it feeling as tired as I did yesterday, wondering (until I'd downloaded the pictures and looked at them when I got home) if I'd gotten any decent shots, the day did indeed go well, the energy not noticeably flagging after two hours of shooting: head clear, sun shining, birds singing and the buses arriving without any delay. Not quite what I was expecting, but hey, no complaints.

OK. That's enough.

As mentioned, although I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I did yesterday over a similar period of time, I did get enough for a third J-Pop section on artandlife with one left over that I used to replace a weaker photograph I'd taken yesterday, and posted in two sections this morning. Good, the weekend done, some guitar ahead for the evening (if I'm in the mood) and another good night's sleep. Be positive. Why not?

Later still. Nothing on television (my, my), some guitar, but not enough. We'll chalk it up to allowing ourself a weekend off from the guitar routine, although we did get in one or two reasonably good sessions. This weekend has been dominated by photographs, nothing wrong with that, we'll catch the wave again tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the J-Pop Summit Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.