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August 21, 2012

Suppressing The Laughter
Tuesday. A good evening, last evening, to bed at a reasonable hour, up this morning with the alarm on an overcast and somewhat chilly day. The sky looks grey to the point of rain, except it's been looking like rain every morning now for months and we know it will clear up by noon and the sun will beat down as it's done so many times before. But beat down on us nicely, as it well should, here in California.

I followed a link or two on the web site here back to my trip to Portland while preparing the photograph up top and discovered many of the photographs and journal entries were missing on my computer, although evidently not missing on the web site itself. So I'll have to track them down. Whatever fuzzy time I may have gone through when moving those pictures and files, it was indeed fuzzy enough for me to misplace them. I'm not sure that's a good sign, although I also assume they're either sitting on the laptop or a thumb drive used in moving them. Hmm. Too many hmm's around here.

Anyway, a new day, whatever alcohol I had last night had evaporated well before I'd gone to bed, no sign of it this morning (which you'd expect, although I seem to keep mentioning it), the mood is good and there are pictures to be taken out there somewhere (for someone).

Later. Found the photographs and missing web files, all now seem in order and safely backed up to the mirrored drives. Off then to take a bus downtown to renew a prescription, something that could easily have been done over the phone, but serves as a useful excuse to get me out and on the road. You'd think it would take something more important, but it doesn't. Fortunately.

Anyway, a buttered bagel and a small coffee outside at a table in the City Center, a walk then home passing this fellow practicing whatever he's practicing. Not the first time I've taken his photograph.

Behind him a crew was erecting a fence that circles the grass area in front of the City Hall, I'm assuming so they can replant, reseed, or re-whatever and not to keep potential demonstrators from returning with their tents and campfires. (I don't believe they were setting any campfires.) I'm guessing, having seen a group of what looked to be grounds keepers conversing together yesterday in the area, gesturing as if they had something in mind. Seems they did have something in mind.

Back now just after eleven, the sun starting to show through, most of the day yet ahead. Maybe some lunch later at the usual place, even after that ice cream cone I picked up while walking. Maybe. Guitar, in any case, we've been in the middle of a second wind on the guitar these last two weeks. Like to keep that wind blowing behind me for another year or more.

Later still. No guitar yet, now that it approaches three, but a walk over to the ATM on Lakeshore, then up over the hill to the morning café for green tea ice cream and a lemonade before heading home. Feel pretty good, I do, although in saying that I bite my tongue.

I take a look at this pretty much every day following along with whatever new they're learning on the climate front. They estimated a decade back that we might see an ice free arctic by the end of the century. This estimate was revised to mid-century some two years or so ago to reflect lessons learned, but now, in this last month based on observations made by a new satellite capable of measuring ice thickness, they've revised it to say the arctic could be ice free in eight years by 2020.

I have no idea what that means in any real touch it with your finger sense, nor does anyone else, I'd guess, but I could conceivably be alive in 2020 and actually find out. Interesting times, more so it seems as time moves along. I guess there was some unspoken thought the world would lighten up after all that world war-cold war crap came to an end and life would be swell.

Interesting. The local PBS channel went off the air in the middle of the News Hour for a good twenty minutes. Checking the other four local PBS stations I receive over the air, all were off line, while other stations (with the exception of the major network channels 2, 4 and 5) were broadcasting, so it wasn't my equipment. Wonder why? Will they ever tell?

Evening. A pretty good evening, I'd say. A decent Maigret at six, playing long with it on the guitar, some two hours now on the guitar. Which is good. Feel good. Chalk one up on the good side of the ledger, not that we're keeping a ledger.

Isn't this a ledger?

I have no idea what this is, not sure that it matters. I guess I could go back and track the ups and downs, see if they can teach me anything, but the very idea is, well, I'd say depressing if I didn't find myself suppressing the laughter.

The photo up top was taken in Garberville while driving up Highway 101 with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.