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August 19, 2012

I've Been Doing
Sunday. To bed at a decent hour due to a lack of anything I could wrap my head around on T.V. last night. Which I guess is good. Up not having set the alarm on a Sunday at seven, off to breakfast and back on an overcast morning. No sun from the look of it until later.

I did finally wash yesterday's coffee stained pants first thing this morning and the stain somewhat surprisingly seems to have disappeared. I was wondering. An excuse missed to buy another pair, but missing an excuse gets chalked up on the good side of the ledger.

I'm somewhat curious as to how the day may go, we'll know soon enough. Whichever way, try to keep the writing coherent. Juvenile is less a problem with me than lack of coherence. Boys never really grow up, it's just they recognize the fact with time and with wisdom they don't attempt to change.

Later. It's become a really beautiful day, t-shirt weather, warm, but not so warm as to be uncomfortable. In a t-shirt. I set out on the bus earlier in a long sleeved shirt and light jacket, but it was overcast and hadn't graduated to t-shirt weather until I'd returned to the apartment.

And where did I go? Well, I finally crossed the street and got on the bus I take to go downtown, but in the opposite direction this time, to see where it originates and ended up in Berkeley by a circuitous route that led to the University on what appeared to be a introduction day for students for the coming year. All the banks had people out in front at tables encouraging people to open new accounts, a large group of people were pitching their wares and services at tables set up in the stadium, the area was one large moving, milling, student crowd.


And I just walked on through, taking but one totally anonymous picture when I reached the stadium, walking on to Sather Gate and then down Telegraph (again, lots of young students hunched over their cell phones as they stood, walked and waited on traffic lights to change), catching a bus and then another bus home. All of two pictures in this fairly ambitious outing showing all the energy and enthusiasm of a patient on a hospital ward. A content enough patient on a hospital ward, but a hospital ward.


On a day as perfect as today you don't go around looking like you belong on a hospital ward, you get out and about, congregate and exaggerate, do the things people do on sunny Sunday afternoons.


Well, I shed the jacket and the long sleeved shirt and headed to the morning café for coffee and ice cream. I was tempted to add a side order of fries, but we're watching our weight today, as I was but two tenths of a pound below my target weight this morning when I stepped on the scale.


Maybe more guitar as I'm listening to the news. Maybe something upbeat and non lethal has been happening somewhere in the world and its description will elevate my mood. And maybe, if pigs had wings, they would fly. Maybe.

Maybe best we rest, take a nap, effect a reboot, start again when it's better.

Later still. Thinking I was hearing shouting and laughter in the distance, I headed out with a camera to see what might be happening down by the lake and discovered the Salsa dance group working out in front of the white columns, so I took a couple of pictures. Literally just one or two, but none the less a nice little outing thinking it was getting closer to five, when the sushi place opened, and dinner might be in order. If I were hungry. If I felt like a drink. Or two. But I didn't. Toss a coin, roll the dice, today it was weighted against sushi and sake, but just.

We are speeding right along. I think any thoughts I've had to head out for sushi and sake are more thoughts just to go out and do something, anything, and not sit here, as I'm not hungry and don't really feel the need to tempt the ocular migraine fates with a drink.

So we're not going out and, now that it's dark, we won't go out on these local streets alone (with a camera). Silly, of course, there are still enough people out quite safely walking around, this isn't a time or a place to worry about that quite yet. Later, yes, they do occasionally have problems at night here in the heart of Oakland.

So we'll see. Nothing on television, the various public stations are all raising money and I'm not up for watching the old fifties and sixties bands play songs I once liked, still like, but don't really need to see performed. For whatever reason. I still listen, still occasionally watch and enjoy the old concerts, but sparingly now as time marches on.

Again, clear headed, good energy, but fidgety. Feel like I must have felt back in my earlier days on a summer day weekend, needing to get out of the house and head for a bar, movie, beach or dinner. A sushi and sake dinner, except I don't remember knowing about sushi and sake in the 60's and 70's in the middle of those summers.

So what do you do?

Well, I guess I go to bed and see if we can't get to sleep earlier than I've been doing.

The photo up top was taken of the Meshugga Beach Party band at the Oakland City Center with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 105mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR Micro lens.