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August 14, 2012

When We Awake
Tuesday. We stumble forward, but reasonably clear headed and in a good mood. Up with the alarm, to breakfast and back on a clear morning, a good (probably overly warm) day ahead. It cooled off slowly last night, more slowly than I remember in this last month, but still weather to sleep snug under the covers, so certainly no complaints. We still remember our summer years in Yonkers, New York.

I was going to do some laundry today, but methinks it and I won't get off the dime until tomorrow, so maybe out the door with a long lens on the camera looking for that morning pelican fishing for his breakfast. Or her breakfast. I won't, but the thought did occur.

Later. Well, this day is rolling right along. A walk over to a little notions-curio-off the wall shop on Lakeshore to buy two small colorful glass butterflies I'd noted in their window some time back, a late gift for my next door neighbor who'd taken care of my apartment and mail while I was in Portland and Seattle.

They no longer had the butterflies I was after (too bad, I should have realized they'd make nice gifts at some point later for occasions like this and used it as an excuse to buy one or two), but they did have a pair of very nice little clear glass pigs with small cork snouts, a pair of salt and pepper shakers, but a pair of salt and pepper shakers you might fill with salt and pepper, but to display rather than use, as they were way too fragile for the table. The lady is a collector of such and I was pretty sure they'd be appreciated.

So, a walk then up and over the hill to my morning café to have the usual (ice cream and lemonade) before walking home, here now playing the guitar, downloading sheet music (for voice and guitar) from the web and joining the National Professional Photographers Association (NPPA). I've thought of joining this in the past for their camera insurance (theft and damage), but I read a piece this afternoon by one of their lawyers on the problems photographers are having with the police when they're taking (quite legally taking) photographs in public places. What the hell, I'll have a swell little ID card and another photography magazine coming every month. Those and two dollars will buy you a cup of coffee at a local restaurant.

Anyway, as you can see with all this excitement, I've suddenly found the day almost done without but one photograph to show for it. Probably a good sign to discover the world has been turning nicely on its axis and that life goes well without your notice. Well, assume the upside, even when you're obviously grasping at straws. This afternoon we are not grasping at straws, unless five o'clock rolls around in another hour and dark forces coalesce. Five o'clock shadows? Nothing you want to joke about.

Evening. Well a shadow of the shadows crept up around six. Nothing to be described as “dark forces”, but something that felt very much like something you wanted to avoid. So I lay down for maybe twenty minutes before getting up to watch Maigret at six, the “something I wanted to avoid” gone and forgotten by the time Maigret was finished at half past seven. Hmm. I have no idea what brought it on.

A fair amount of guitar, more to go, and we'll be up for our lesson this Thursday. To bed early, to bed late, we'll know when we awake.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Nihonmachi Street Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.