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August 11, 2012

Up To Tomorrow
Saturday. To bed just after ten, up just after seven, off to breakfast and back on what they're saying will be another Spare the Air Day with high temperatures. So far the temperatures have been more than manageable, not what I was expecting when I see Spare the Air warnings, so maybe we'll be equally lucky today. I'll wear a broad brimmed hat, though, I'm getting quite tan-burned and it's a good excuse to wear a flamboyant topper.

Is that why you do it?

I've added all my walking in the sun to my list of rationalizations. It was something I experimented with in the old long hair days in San Francisco, bought my first broad brimmed hats at a local hat shop that was even then famous in the area and I've had periods since when I've taken to wearing them. They're not models that are common or fashionable here on the streets or on any other streets (rich or poor) that I'm aware of, so there's a set of mixed messages they're sending, but I figure if I don't know what messages they be, why should anyone else? At my age none of it seems to count. A harmless old guy in his somewhat odd choice in a topper.


Hmm yourself, Self.

Later. A four hour nap. I guess we'll write this off to periods I've had in the past, a few days where I'm unusually tired and sleep most of the day, see odd things leap from the walls now and again while scratching my head in puzzlement. Still, up now at half past one, a sunny day, time for a walk once the faculties come back into place.

Later still. We're still moving slowly, but I did get out the door and on by the farmers market just as it was finishing up, heading to the morning café for an egg salad sandwich, ice cream and a lemonade, taking it easy, taking it slowly while eating out at a table on their patio. A walk back, stopping at the white columns by the lake to take one or two pictures (just to say I had) before going home.

A nice day out there, t-shirt weather for sure, but not over the top hot, so the day goes well. They're talking about a high of one hundred and nine in Sacramento and various closer, but inland from here cities, up to a hundred, so whatever temperature it is out there at the moment is much appreciated.

I was reading a piece in the Guardian today, a column wondering if the current weather in England (rainy, wet, cold, whatever) will be their new summer norm with climate change. That's the one question everyone would like to have answered, but evidently the climate models can't come up yet with a definite answer. Is the drought we're having in the Midwest and south, for example, the norm for the future? Not every year, but more and more often, totally changing the growing conditions, perhaps even strangling the area as productive farmland, let alone making it problematic for people?

Hard to say. I'm every bit as sensitive to a single year's weather, extrapolating it to the longer term as anyone, while still knowing that's not the way it works. Jim Hansen's recent paper on weather probabilities talks about weather that may only occur once every three hundred years now occurring every other year (I think that's right: every other year) and that is disaster. But nothing new in this, I guess, just babbling, the world is getting warmer.

Some guitar now, I think, memorize these chords and their positions on the frets. They have names, my teacher has mentioned them more that once, and I suspect I'm eventually expected to learn them.

Evening. Another one of these odd somewhat hallucinogenic sessions, lighter than last night's which was itself much lighter than the first one the night before, but kicking in around five and evaporating totally by seven. We'll make a note and eventually discuss it with our various doctors, eventually being Monday morning if I have another. And no, I didn't have one of those instant, stored at room temperature, minute and a half in the microwave oven dinners I was thinking of blaming it on yesterday. Wouldn't have minded if getting rid of those had been the solution.

I'd been thinking of checking out a street festival today that I'd been to once before. Nothing elaborate, at least the last one, but you never know how they'll grow. Obviously no thought to follow through on it today. We'll see what the world maybe up to tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.