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August 8, 2012

Of Grousing
Wednesday. To bed right after ten, up with the alarm and out the door to have breakfast and read the papers, home at eight thinking, well, it's a nice day, but I don't think I got enough sleep last night. And took an hour's nap. Probably best we get to bed earlier to see if we can't cut down on the naps. Then again, then again.... Then again we'll say it again and not change a bit. Not sure the whys about that.

Anyway, a bright sunny day, it's now eleven, I need to go by an ATM so I've got a good reason to go out for a walk. Right about now, I'd think.

Later. The door bell and a small flat package delivered by UPS. What in the hell had I ordered? Ah, right. The replacement watch band, another reason to head downtown as you need a watch makers tool to effect the replacement. Good. The last thing I wanted to do was go downtown, as it happened, for some reason not liking the idea of running these errands being good excuses to get out of the house or not, but they were demanding I do them so I did.

I was early for the bus, so a walk over to the lake seeing something out of the corner of my eye and snapping this picture more through reflex than anything else. I should have gotten a second of the splash, but again, it pretty much happened as I caught it, over before I could think, just focus and shoot. Nice to see how fast the camera focused, though. Sometimes the superlatives you hear but don't quite believe turn out to be true.

Anyway, off the bus to visit the ATM on Broadway, another bus to Chinatown, five dollars to have the old strap replaced with the new one in a shop (I wouldn't have charged for the service on the assumption the customer might be encouraged to come back at some time later to make a real purchase, but then I don't own a jewelry store), a walk to the City Center to take a photograph or two of the band that was winding up the noon hour Wednesday concert. The poster said they were Dynamic, a hip hop band, although they had one hell of a singer belting it out. They were good, better than one or two I listened to playing last weekend at Art & Soul.

Anyway, another bus to the morning café for lunch (another BLT, ice cream and lemonade), noting the gas prices that had gone up four cents a gallon over yesterday's prices had now gone up another eight cents in the last four hours. They're saying gas prices in California, after the fire and explosion at the Chevron refinery, will go up thirty-five cents a gallon within a week. My, my.

A walk back to the apartment for another nap, a good solid hour again, up now feeling fine. None of the off the wall symptoms described yesterday so far today, just, well, physically tired. I'll take a combination of physically tired and naps any old day over the other stuff. I will.

Evening. Nothing worth watching on television, more time on the guitar, enough to say I've gotten in the day's practice, but no more than a day's practice. Fine, we're ready for the lesson tomorrow, we're good with how it's gone. I guess. To bed at ten, the day I'm happy to say having gone well with only a moderate amount of grousing.

The photo up top was taken at Art & Soul last weekend with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 7-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.