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August 31, 2011

Go To Bed

Wednesday. I watched something or other on television last night which got me to bed somewhat late after ten. Still, to sleep pretty much right away, up this morning with the alarm to head off to breakfast and back, the sky again overcast with the fog coming in off the ocean last night. One of the nice things about living on the coast.

My lesson coming up in another half hour. I've gotten enough practice time in, feel comfortable with that. We'll see how it goes, not that it will go other than well. Sometimes you're tight, sometimes you lag, but either one means you're on the path to superstardom. Just not in six months. I'm afraid it may take as much as a year. Kind of a drag, you'd think, but I'm bucking up. Hup. Hiccup.

Later. Not great, but not bad, better anyway than last week. Of course we were repeating the assignment from last week, you'd hope there'd be progress. Home now before eleven, the sun having broken through now and the temperature climbing. I'm thinking of actually going to see a movie at the Grand Lake theater later, but the first thought is a nap. The late morning funky headed feeling, nothing too terrible, but a lie down would be a good idea right now.

Later still. The nap went well, dropped off to sleep nicely enough, up slowly but surely, the mind and the day then taking fire, the crispness of the air refreshing when I set out for lunch. Little diddly stuff, I know, but very much appreciated here under this vast circus tent we call Oakland.

Felt pretty good walking home, unusually good. My, my. Nice to have that happen and have it happening more often these last several days.

A walk down to the usual café for coffee and a pastry, nothing on the menu appealed to me I'm afraid and the pastry was, well, pushing it a little. Not that there was anything else out there calling my name, but I've been thinking lately of going green in the afternoons. Salads and such put together at the apartment rather than eating out. I've done a lot of cooking in my past lives, no problem starting up again I'd think. So maybe I will. We will.

A walk then passing Mr. Raleigh here at the side of the road. What happened? When? Note how new the bike and lock look, yet someone seems to have left it initially to, who knows, go to the theater some one hundred and fifty feet down the street? I could see the tires and such getting stolen if it were left overnight, but who in their right mind would leave it overnight at this particular spot? Maybe I'm missing something, maybe there's a bicyclist out there toting around two tires, a chain and whatever else, ready to bolt it back together when they return.

A walk then on by the apartment following the lake to the local convenience store for a pint of ice cream. We'll make do with a pastry and a pint of ice cream for lunch (you wonder why I'm thinking of going to green?), pick up the guitar and listen to the news as I practice the new lesson. Progress. I mentioned how upbeat I've been feeling?

Evening. Well, my goodness, yes it is: evening. Time to go to bed.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco J-Pop Festival Sunday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens using a 1.4x teleconverter.