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August 10, 2011

I Know

Wednesday. Again, to bed last night at a decent hour, up with the alarm, out and back from breakfast by eight, the sky overcast with a high morning off the ocean fog, the feeling there's a good day ahead. Cross our fingers and pick up the guitar for the lesson coming up at ten.

For some reason, perhaps for good reason, I'm always a little nervous about the guitar lesson. I've been doing my practice right along, more than enough to the point I'm a little surprised, but this week and this morning I've not been particularly fretting. Maybe just an odd week, probably a good sign to have them now and again as it shows a proper mix. Enough pucker to keep your eye on the ball, not so much as to become dysfunctional. Memories of music lessons as a kid, not all of them happy. Instructive.

Later. An OK lesson, more work required, but then there's always more work required. Progress, let's not suggest anything else (hup, hup). Some thought of taking that lens out with the D2Xs body later to see what I can see. The sun came out around nine this morning and the day is bright, no reason to stay inside. So we'll see. Yes, I'm curious.

Later still. Late afternoon. A walk down to the morning café for lunch about one, nothing otherwise to say. Didn't quite finish the sandwich - I still have the little voice that says I have to finish everything on my plate - but realized there was nothing wrong in walking away. A product of the appetite and eating habits having changed.

I'm two pounds over my one-sixty target, haven't been more than four in the last few months, I ease back a bit in the mornings at breakfast when I feel I need to move it along in the right direction. No big deal, it's just interesting to see how keeping at this weight over the long term differs from my earlier thirty to forty pounds heavier habits.

The camera with the big lens is still sitting in the living room ready to go, the monopod next to it. Not today I'm afraid, but it will no longer surprise me if I get it out the door. Probably drive to somewhere the long lens will be more useful. I don't want to spend any time or distance walking along the street with that thing in tow, both for the weight and for what might amount to an invitation to take it off my hands. Something to think about, but I very rarely go anywhere it might be a real concern.

Be interesting to finally take it out, use it, find I really liked what I got with it and then have to adjust my head to carrying it with me more often. I'd at least get a lesson in how pissy my current attitude has been in letting it be left in the closet.

You have a lens that wants to come out of the closet?

Now, now.

Evening. I've avoided going down the hill for sushi and sake, more to avoid the cost and the sake than anything else. Am I looking for company? Am I just antsy and looking to go out? You can take care of antsy without (much) money or alcohol. In this instance you can walk down to the convenience store and buy a pint of ice cream. Yes you can. I know.

The photograph was taken near Grand and Harrison yesterday with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.