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August 3, 2011

As Do I

Wednesday. Up with the alarm this guitar lesson morning, to breakfast and back at the usual time, at the usual place, home now at eight, the sky overcast, the day ahead. No, I didn't have any sake last night. The head and the evening were clear, nothing like yesterday's late morning and afternoon, to bed at a good time. Thus is life.

I'll go through the guitar lesson before heading out, remind myself how it all comes together, arrive fresh faced and halfway competent. I've done my practicing (you can always do more), I'm not sure I'm any better at these chord changes than I was last week. But I guess that's the way it goes when you're learning.

Two years to achieve any kind of competence playing, he said. Two years is two years, doesn't happen overnight when you're looking forward, goes by in a blink when you're looking back. I suspect once I get these particular chords down, learning the rest (and there are plenty of more chords to learn) will more easily follow. Hup, hup. And the rest of that.

Later. My goodness, we went through things pretty quickly and smoothly at the lesson, Imagine running just fine, the boogie-woogie riff riffing right along, the Time Is On My Side barre chords in sequence and correctly struck if not quite up to speed. So good. Add one to the good side of the ledger and get on with the practice.

The mouth a bit dry by the way, but nothing like yesterday and the head reasonably clear, which means we've started the day on the upside unless mentioning it jinxes it here. I'm into such mumbo jumbo if I'm in the mood, pay no attention if I'm not. But again, the day starting well, the sun out, the day ahead (hup, hup!).

Later still. A walk to lunch and back taking the odd picture or two that both did and didn't turn out. Still, the mood was good and the eyes were open, no matter the results. Better than yesterday's outing, let me tell you. So maybe a print or two today to remind myself I still do them. I'd say frame one but saying that even I'd be embarrassed. The day ahead. Some guitar, a print or two, sounds good.

Evening, early. For some reason my anti-virus software hasn't been loading. What this has meant is reinstalling the stuff, running a scan on the computer, updating the virus database, scanning the computer again, and finally getting the thing so it seems to be clean of the usual suspects. Not sure how that happened. Probably be better if I knew as I don't want it to happen again. Too much crap out there. Too many sites now gone and forgotten by my browser.

I've spent a fair amount of time on the guitar this afternoon practicing after this morning's lesson. We've put the lesson contents behind us, gone on to the next set of tasks, but I'm thinking I'd really like to get the current now completed assignment down cold. Cold. Stone cold. No mistakes. None. Probably a bit obsessive, but obsessing with the guitar has proven to be restive. To me, anyway, I'm not sure about my neighbors.

The day has gone well. I've had what I call my usual not to be worried over two glasses of sake, we'll see if there's any damage tomorrow. I'll give the damned stuff up if it causes yesterdays' issues, but yesterday's issues were brought on, if they were brought on, by twice the amount I've had this evening. Juggle, rationalize, juggle. Life in the last lane. A bit slow.

I did get out for another walk after my lunch expedition. A picture or two along the way without stopping to other than sit for a while at the usual places. A decent walk, a decent set of walks for the day. Time marches on. As do I.

The photograph was taken along Grand Avenue last week with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor G lens.