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August 31, 2009

At My Age
Monday. The coughing is better, still there, but clearly improving; no waking up last night to pace about and cough for an hour, getting a decent eight hours of sleep; up this morning for breakfast and the papers then a trip over to the Honda dealer for a routine servicing of the Element; a walk from the dealer's back to the apartment, my half hour plus walk for the day now done before nine. This is good. The computer was frozen when I returned, I'm going to check the cooling system, see that everything is seated and all the fans are running and then I'm going to add more fans. Will that fix it? Who knows, but there's a check list a mile long for frozen operating systems and I might as well get on it. The sins of the fathers, the sins of the sons, the sins of home brewed computer projects.

Then again we're starting another week. Two weeks ago - good grief, two weeks? - I laid out a set of projects to complete. How are they going? Well, the image database has finally been started after re-acquiring CD labeling software and testing two different image tracking programs and I've been burning photographs to DVD's, adding tags and such. I've done diddly squat with the picture framing, but I'm thinking this would be a good week to make the prints, calculate their dimensions and order the custom cut frames and glass. The matting is my part of the business. Can that be all that hard? More than an afternoon's work? Now that I've got the other pieces in play?

Excuse my laughter.

Well, the lungs are better and I've cut the daily dose of my one remaining blood pressure medicine in half.

In half?

I eliminated the one prescription after the operation when my blood pressure was way too low and now I'm halving the dosage of the remaining prescription (because my blood pressure is too low) to see if that makes a difference. This is only day three, but it hasn't gone up, still runs well below 120 over 80, which I understand to be the norm. I'll check with my cardiologist in another couple of days and see what he has to say, but I'm guessing this weight loss does have an effect. Certainly the blood thinner has had to be reduced over these last several months. Maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel, although you're never sure it isn't another train coming at you head on. So many questions, so few answers, but I would like to do something, not just sit here and moan (and groan). So unseemly: this whining.

You appear to be going pretty far afield to come up with excuses for not framing two photographs.

We are doing fine with the photographs.

Later. I should have read the estimate they gave me on the car. Ouch. I might otherwise have delayed it a couple of weeks.

A walk down to the theater to watch District 9. An interesting movie without a single character I sympathized with. Other than the aliens. Not very attractive aliens, what with the pincers and the mandibles and such. Still, happy to have seen it, no reason to go again until something else and another mood like my current mood comes along. I have the first three DVD's of the Mad Men first season sitting on the DVD player. I've watched the first ten minutes of the first chapter and it's well written, well acted, tight and all that, but it's been sitting there now for a week. I'll get into it, I'll look at it again one of these days and it will drag me in, but for the moment I'm, well, letting it sit. I'm not sure what that means, not relating to any of the characters in District 9, nothing wrong with that, by the way, but mostly avoiding movies when I once consumed them like a starving man on a popcorn binge. It's nothing to obsess about I guess.

A picture or two walking back to pick up my car, walking back from the movie, home now watching The News Hour on public television. I think I'll put my feet up, watch the Korean soap later, sip one of those bottles of sake sitting in the kitchen waiting my attention. Not try anything more ambitious this early in the week. One must be prudent at my age.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Sistahs Steppin’ in Pride March Sunday with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at f 2.8 at 1/1250th second, ISO 200.