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August 28, 2009

Little Dickens
Friday. I forced myself to get the blood test this morning, the question being in doubt right up to the point I'd normally make a right hand turn to get to my apartment. I get one of these every month and often delay for a week or more, but they're taken every month for a reason: you don't want your blood thinner to make things too thin or too thick lest you bleed to death from a paper cut on one side of the equation or throw a clot on the other. So I get it done eventually and eventually came this morning.

Yesterday I talked about taking a nap later in the afternoon and I did, waking up, though, around eight, some four hours later. Awakening groggily thinking it was morning. Yes, it was darker than it seemed it should be, the light wasn't bright enough and walking into the living room I saw the computer was on and the curtains weren't closed. Now I was sleepy headed as one is sleepy headed after a decent period of sleep, but it seems to me in retrospect it was taking me a long time to figure that out.

So. Anyway, it's morning, breakfast (a large breakfast, I was hungry) is done, the papers are done, the blood work is done but I am just getting started. I guess that makes sense. The cough is better, by the way, even if the brain continues to deteriorate. It will take its time, this cough of mine, it took its time in coming, but I'm thinking its turned the corner. This is good, here in Oakland.

I did make a run to the supermarket last night, once I'd figured out that it was night and the stores were still open. Apples, apricots, orange juice and cat food, the necessity being the cat food. Oh, and sake. I drank one of the individual serving bottles, ate two apricots, watched maybe ten minutes of television and went to bed. Up at four-thirty. Still, enough sleep with the four hour nap just before bed last night, let's see if it works itself out this evening, bed by say ten-thirty, up at, what, six? Not to worry. The head is fuzzy, but the head is always fuzzy and there is a day ahead, a DVD burner being delivered and photo opportunities coming this weekend. And there's a movie I think I may want to go to later this afternoon at the Grand Lake theater. Pretty heavy duty for an old man, I'm thinking.

Later. A hot, muggy day today, the high one hundred degrees in Oakland. Some of you will not be impressed, but I'm sitting here in front of a fan turned up a notch to medium. The afternoon, well I'll chalk it up to the good. The DVD burner arrived and I've been burning and labeling DVD's. I ate something that's turned my alimentary canal into liquid (I have no idea what it was, sake maybe? Apricots?) but that will pass. The coughing continues to mind its business, maybe I'll sleep this evening. Oh, and the blood test results came back: all is good, do it again in a month.

And the movie?

I totally forgot about the movie.

A parade this weekend in Oakland, the Sistah's Steppin’ in Pride forming up right at the base of my hill on Lake Merritt. Good. A street fair of some kind on Telegraph in Berkeley. I can do that. No word from Nikon, but I assume I'll be getting my camera back next week. I would think. So, again, a good week, the attitude good if not overly rational on a Friday evening with a (small) bottle of sake calling my name from the kitchen. The little dickens.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland 2009 Chinatown Streetfest with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 180mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at f 2.8 at 1/250th second, ISO 100.