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August 20, 2009

Call It A Soap
Thursday. Back from breakfast and the supermarket: sake, crackers, peanut butter and orange juice. Let's hope the peanut butter doesn't pack the same clout as the last jar, the almost instant cleaning of the system aspect I found so disconcerting.

To bed last night without the cough or the congested lungs. Well, not so congested as to be a problem. I awoke at five this morning coughing, though. No way to get back to sleep, the cough lasting, the congestion lasting until about the point I finished breakfast. Not sure what that's about. I feel pretty good as I write, it's still quite early, eight, but we'll know soon enough. Could that Jack Daniels I consumed last night have had an effect? Two drinks over the course of the evening, nothing out of bounds, but still. Didn't stop me when shopping, adding two of the 150ml bottles of sake, though. Wine made from rice? Not sure how that could go wrong.

Then why are you writing about it?

Best one question one's assumptions. It's too easy to lull yourself into complacency and complacency has shown itself at times to have limited survival value.

And how long are you planning on surviving?

The rest of the morning, anyway. There's a Korean soap playing that I follow.

Later. Completed the separation of the Sistah's Steppin’ in Pride photographs from the Oakland Miscellaneous section. Still have the problem of not enough decent Oakland pictures to show for an Oakland photographer, but I suspect that can be corrected. Another Sistah's parade coming weekend after next and every day is a miscellaneous day in Oakland.

Note to self: today you sold what you had left in stocks on the assumption the market is going to tank this coming year. Tank again, that is. When you come back and read this in a year, why not leave another note telling us whether you're kicking yourself for being stupid or patting yourself on the back for being (lucky) smart? One year. OK?

A walk down to and back from the bank. I'll call that my exercise for the day. Combined with yesterday's walk I'd say that's true so that's the way I'll file it. The lungs are docile, we'll see how they fare later when I turn in; the sinus-head thing isn't the best, but maybe that's because the temperature has risen now that it's afternoon and they're not happy about walking in a hot sun. The fan is on, the News Hour is playing, the mail has arrived and I've watched my morning Korean soap. May I say the folks in the soap are experiencing difficulties? Well, they are. Perhaps that's why I (at least) call it a soap.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Art & Soul festival Saturday with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens at f 5.6 at 1/30th second, ISO 100.