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August 13, 2009

Is Not Amused
Tuesday. The computer was ready at the shop late yesterday, so I picked it up and did the various things necessary to connect cables, move new files from the laptop and otherwise get it up and running. I celebrated later with an ice cream sandwich and a couple of shots of Jack Daniels. Did I mention alcohol works with the sinue-head thing? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, maybe a couple of shots weren't enough to tell, but the experience seemed worth the effort. Which is good.

The shop ended up charging me more than I was expecting, but, checking some hardware prices online, I suspect I wasn't taken all the way to the cleaners. Things happen. I now have a new processor, ram and video card that seem to boot and load images much faster, which was the idea. Oh, and it works. Another plus in its favor. All of this is good, I guess, on this humid evening in Oakland.

Wednesday. Up, breakfast at the usual place, back now just after eight, the air cool, but the sun shining and the temperatures expected to reach the low eighties. It's sixty now, but the humidity is close to ninety percent. A sea breeze please. The day could be problematic. Still, it's early, no need to worry. Get the walking in early. We have a fan. We have a plan. We even have a (new) computer.

Later. A walk down to the post office and back to mail that book I've been talking about to my sister. I had her address on the computer in the shop. It's back now, no more excuses. Not enough of a walk to qualify for a day's exercise, but we'll see what we can come up with this afternoon. They say it's sixty-five right now with seventy-one percent humidity. Better than the eight-seven percent they were quoting earlier this morning.

New York humidity. East coast humidity. I'd say I remember it well, but I don't after almost forty years of conscious suppression. Still, way back, almost hidden but not quite, a memory of sitting on a lawn in Yonkers, the temperature ninety-nine, the humidity ninety-nine. A pair of ninety-nines, maybe that's why I've not been able to erase it. You'd hear TV weather reports of one hundred percent humidity, but I never quite understood what that meant. That it was raining? No, it wasn't, but it almost implied something was wrong with the statistic. One hundred percent. There are dues being paid by those living in the east. Dues being paid by those living east of the hills right here, come to think of it.

Later still. Back from the downtown, using the need for the vitamins I mentioned to get me out of the apartment and on the street. Alls fair. A walk some good part of the way back, but not enough to really qualify as an outing. Still, we're done for the day, I think. The News Hour is coming up pretty soon at three and there's little or nothing possible after four other than food or drink and food, for whatever reason, is less attractive now that they've “fixed” my stomach. And drink? Well, we know about drink.

The Art & Soul festival is this weekend, I was planning on attending both days, but a get together at Mr. M and Ms. A's at three for a barbeque makes me think attending Sunday will be more than enough, so the weekend is solid and I should get enough pictures to get me through the following weekend when many things are planned and opportunities for photographs abound. Aboundable opportunities for photographs. Aboundable! (The spell checker is not amused.)

The photograph was taken at the 2009 Pistahan festival at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco with a Nikon D3 mounted with an 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at f 2.8 at 1/3200th second, ISO 200.