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Infamous weight loss chart.
San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

August 22nd, 2005

Change The Pattern
Monday. Back to work, back to work, back to work onward: on through the Valley of Drudge rode the six hundred. Well, maybe three hundred, but all of us, sweating as we do out in the technical field sun, serfs all, do our work through brilliance, long hours and bullshit, so we're really six hundred strong (as we gallop along, singing our song, housed here above the streets of Oakland). I, myself, am not beyond the use of bullshit (I know you're shocked) to resolve the odd sticky (technical) problem.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Meaning is relative, up here in the American Headspace, denial requiring the willful admission of many contradictory concepts. You can see it in the day to day reporting of diametrically opposed opinions, the press reporting it as if all of the strange things people in power say made perfectly good sense, as if the cracks in the American cranium had no existence. Although I am not writing a “blog”, as such, linking to the wider world of comment and opinion (other than my own comment and opinion), I am not beyond using these rather snazzy tools that are so currently in fashion.

Understanding this, I'm supposed to understand that first paragraph?

That, and the fact I had three glasses of Guinness after work and I am writing with a bit of a buzz. One likes one's buzz, particularly after a day when one has been commandeered to stamp out viruses on the company computer collection. Not a terrible task, by the way: it's different, it breaks routine; something (anything) to change the pattern.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade with a Nikon D2x mounted with a 70-200 f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/80th second at f 5.6 at ISO 200.