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San Francisco Gay Pride parade

August 22nd, 2004

Getting Older
By skipping lunch, we finished the class at 1:30 on Friday, the forty mile drive back home through stop and go traffic a perfect way to avoid maintaining a constant speed in the Element (during its break-in period). That and a stop for lunch on the patio at a Chevy's I once frequented for drinks and dinner off Stevenson with MRH and MRH: a cold Cerveza Corona and a chicken Caesar.

Saturday. Home in Oakland, the car in the garage downstairs with exactly 250 miles on the odometer having returned just now from a whiskey replenishment run to Beverages and More in Jack London Square. The head is fuzzy (pre-alcohol fuzzy) and I think I'll spend the afternoon watching a movie, since there were three of them waiting for me from Netflix yesterday when I got home. Life in the fast lane, my children: the excitement, you see, it just keeps growing.

I walked downtown to have breakfast and drop some things off at the office. The new Berkeley Extension catalog was sitting on my desk. I turned to the photography section. Hmmm, an evening introductory series in San Francisco, ten classes, one a week, shooting black and white film and developing it in their darkroom. Could this get me off my ass and doing my own film again or is this just another do-while loop from a decaying brain? I'm thinking brain, but if it's brain, it's a brain that's still able to notice.

Sunday. Well, speaking of decaying brain, I stumbled across an entry in my guest book today. I've had the guest book off line (actually, I deleted the links from most of my pages and didn't think I had a Lycos guest book account still out there) so this was the first time I've read it in over a year. There was one recent entry wondering if I were being facetious in reviewing “Johnny Depp” in the movie Johnny Darko. Well? He stars in Johnny Darko, right? Hmmm. A search on the movie brings up a fellow named Jake Gyllenhaal starring in Donnie Darko.

The decaying brain reference yesterday was more literary than a real concern about imminent reality, but how did I get “Johnny Depp” out of “Jake Gyllenhall” and “Johnny” out of Donnie? I remember reading the printed image and title on the CD (Netflix doesn't send them in jewel cases with promotional covers, but in plastic sleeves) and noting Johnny Depp in the credits.

Yes, I remember Depp's Donnie Brasco, a decent flick, but I recall thinking about it at the time. Curious. Hallucinatory movies that foster hallucinations in their viewers? Hallucinations so real someone has to point them out in an email? Well, yes. Shit happens. These ongoing conversations with Self are wandering into interesting territory, though; sitting here, getting older.

The banner photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade with a Nikon F5 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor lens on TMax-400.