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Lunch today in San Jose

August 16th, 2004

Never Left Home
So, here we are in sunny San Jose, the geek capital of the universe with the possible exceptions of Shanghai and Mumbai and a bunch of other places that are seriously into eating our lunch. Drove down Sunday afternoon turning 200 miles on the odometer, trying to vary the speed and pulling off the highway halfway here to drive more slowly on city streets and sit in traffic. What exactly do they mean by not driving at a constant high speed on the highway during the first 600 miles? Well, who knows, but I was careful, here in the geek capital of the universe (with certain exceptions).

Tivoli is an IBM backup system, I learn, and it's not an altogether forgiving backup system as it appears you must actually “do stuff” daily or it will bite you on the ass. Such is life. Life is full of things that will bite you on the ass.

The Hilton Homeland Suites, er, pardon me, Hilton Homewood Suites is comfortable, within walking distance of the class and located next to an island of restaurants of every kind (Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese and Pizza). I have two television sets, one in the bedroom, one in the sitting room and I can for a fee watch a selection of x-rated movies, the titles of which will appear as “movie(s)” on my credit card statement. Of course there are other choices: movies currently in theaters and recent video releases, all for a bargain three times what they would cost to rent at a video store. Life in the fast lane on the company tab. Did I mention the DSL line included with the room? You get DSL without additional charge in the geek capital of the universe (with certain exceptions). It's as if I'd never left home.

The banner photograph was taken today in San Jose with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at ISO 200.