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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

August 12th, 2004

Another Day
Another good day. The fast pace, the problems coming from every direction, the long list of things that must be done by yesterday didn't seem to particularly mess with my brain. A clear head, not tired, finding amusing aspects in the chaos, a drive home this evening looking forward to sitting here at the computer and writing an entry. And drinking a beer. And saying hello to Emmy. “Hello Emmy.” This is good. Next week a class in San Jose, a whole week away from the office. Another three day class in another two weeks at the end of the month. If nothing else they'll look good on the resume.

Three movies arrived from Netflix yesterday and I watched a sixties Japanese flick Branded To Kill: wide screen, black and white, off the wall and weird; just the kind of movie I would have watched when I was younger. And, in fact, as it progressed, I realized I had watched it when I was younger, probably at the York theater in San Francisco in the seventies during the period they were running all of those wonderful film festivals, tickets a dollar. One of the advantages of living in a reasonably cosmopolitan city: There are opportunities to see strange and wonderful movies and the York theater would run weeks of, say, Wim Wenders' and Fellini's films right from their early herky-jerky beginnings.

And all those Japanese samurai classics.

Oh, yes, indeed. It surprised me, though, although it shouldn't have, how thoroughly I'd forgotten Branded. Something for Japanese noir freaks: dorky, periods of unbelievably bad acting, cheaply made and ultimately interesting, but I was half way through the sex and shooting before I realized I remembered the ending.

One thing, now that I'm into this Neflix thing, I've gotten over the need to watch and return the Netflix offerings as fast as I can, trying to cram as many as possible into a month to get good value from my monthly $23.00. Three a week, fine. Two a week, who cares? I seem comfortable with three, deedle-dee-dee, more than enough to make a dent in the off the wall flick deficit I've managed to accumulate over these last ten years.

So, another day and the week is done, here in Oakland.

The banner photograph was taken on TMax-400 at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon F5 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor lens.