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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Family party on Bainbridge Island

August 30th, 2003

Kissers Beware
Art and Soul tomorrow, which is good. It gives me another day to recover from this cold, charge the camera batteries and generally vegetate. It's overcast outside, I've been to the cafe and had my pancakes for breakfast. I'm going to do pancakes, says I, syrup, but no butter in place of bacon and eggs on the weekends. The doctor suggested for the rest of my life - moving his finger in an "X" over my chest - to avoid the old double cross. The old quadruple bypass. Yes. Your horizons change, you options become clearer. Pancakes it is.

I take one of the statin drugs, Zocor, that lowers cholesterol and believe me, it lowers cholesterol, but I've always understood you also have to change the eating habits. So I've been watching it, I have, really, but lately I've been having bacon, eggs and a waffle down the way on the weekends. Pancakes are better and cereal (nice crunchy, no sugar, non fat milk cereal) would be best, but they don't have cereal at my cafe where I eat on the weekends and you change your cafe at your peril. And I like cereal. Really. I do. I do. But during the week.

This is, I hope, the last of your medical material?

I've devolved into a disease of the day slut. I've not given up hope yet, but someone has slipped my twenty year old's head into this sixty year old body while I was otherwise occupied (insert loss of memory anecdote) and I'm making noises about it. "Hey!", say I. I am obviously sniffing at the edge of what is to come and I'm certainly willing to trade bacon and eggs for a decent decade. Pork rinds and deep fried potatoes? Well, no, we have to draw the line, but bacon and eggs? Piffle and poof! I have things to accomplish, one of which is to complain about my ongoing lack of accomplishment. This site is a necessary exercise, I know not why, but necessary, let me tell you.

The lens arrived, by the way. The 70 - 200 f 2.8 zoom with the vibration reduction (steady cam) feature and I've mounted it on one of the cameras and pushed some of the buttons (it's got a lot of buttons) and taken a couple of pictures. I'll try it at Art and Soul. I have no idea, really, why I bought it. Yes, it's nicer than my current 80 - 200 f 2.8 that I rarely use and yes, I think it will take better pictures, but do you spend the kind of money I just spent on this thing for something you rarely use?

At least it's portable. You can pack small and take it with you when the Deluge comes and I'm big on packing, although I have not the slightest idea of what I'm packing for. (The Deluge, sure, but come the Deluge it's grab Emmy and go, cameras can fend for themselves.) Still, an interesting lens, if somewhat heavy and to my eye ugly. We'll see what's possible at Art and Soul and MSJ's wedding next weekend. (MSJ's wedding was the fig leaf, the reason I used to make the purchase.)

Back from downtown. I thought I'd pick up some fish oil capsules and eat lunch, reasons as good as any. The head was not right and I thought, well, why not drive, this walking is turning into a fetish, except it's Saturday and it will be hard to park so, what the hell, I took the bus. The Oakland City Hall was packed full of vendors, the streets blocked off in preparation for Art and Soul tomorrow. Getting ready for the event, in other words, except the area was filled with people eating and feeding their kids into towering inflatable rides of kinds I haven't seen before.

Was this a separate event tacked on at the beginning getting the city ready for the big event tomorrow? Did I care? I was not feeling well, so I had lunch, looked for the fish oil capsules (they were out) and grabbed a bus home, feeling, well dizzy. I huffed and puffed up the stairs to my front door. I don't huff and puff up the stairs to my front door, not after walking, let alone riding from the downtown, so I still have this cold. Kissers beware.

The photograph was taken at a family party on Bainbridge Island in Washington.