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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Pike Street Market, Seattle

August 27th, 2003

Even My Teens
A recollection this afternoon. Hadn't I gotten a jury summons or, at least, a notification I might be called a few weeks back? Something more exotic than the usual group number assigned and a date to call? I remember being briefly confused when I read it, thinking, wait a minute, this is a little different and the date is yesterday and then I realized it was for the next month. This month. August. Right? I think. There are four piles of paper split between my computer desk and the desk in my bedroom. Stuff received in the mail, looked at and, for whatever reason, not tossed into the trash. That jury notice is probably in one of them. Unless I'm hallucinating.


Sometimes I wonder. Dementia? Alzheimer's? Aliens from Outer Space? I was driving back from my doctor's appointment in Palo Alto late this afternoon - there's a dog leg I have to take to get off Highway 101 and onto the Dumbarton bridge, a quick get on, get off maneuver - that I've spaced out and missed in the past. Driving down to my doctor's appointment I reminded myself, don't do it again. Blam. Two exits beyond the needed exit, dodging heavy traffic behind some guy from Florida in a BMW, I realized I'd missed it.

Shit. OK, drive another fifteen miles north, cross on the San Mateo bridge, no great loss of time, but the bald fact was I'd totally spaced out. Now a jury duty notice I seem to remember a month after the fact. I've had jury notices in the past, but every time I've called in they've had all the jurors they wanted, try again on the next go round. This one looked different, I'm not sure it wasn't a notice where you had to show up on the given date, no calling in to confirm the appointment. If I could but remember I may have a problem coming soon.

I didn't go into work today, slept fitfully last night, felt like shit, the usual tail end of a cold, so I've been cruising with a marginally conscious head. I didn't take a camera along to the doctor's appointment. I always take a camera with me so I know this cold has me down. A good night's sleep tonight and maybe I'll remember my highway exits? Get over the cold and I'll recall that I handled that jury notice like a competent adult? Or is it more? The brain beginning to drain?

Acting the way you did when you were in your twenties in other words.

Even my teens.

The photograph was taken in the Seattle Pike Street Market.