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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Pike Street Market, Seattle

August 18th, 2003

Good, Bad; Happy, Sad
I am, of course, following my set of afflictions with continued interest. Today was another good day, another long day cleaning up after the blaster worm, but otherwise fine. The weekend was low key, stay inside, do some shopping, skip the laundry, search out other sources of cat food. MSW suggested Katzen Flocken. How could I not buy a cat food called Katzen Flocken? What do you say, Ms. Emmy? Katzen Flocken?


Of course.

There is a load of laundry running as I write, another sign things are well. I do not do laundry when I'm down. I have a Microsoft Access report to finish and I'm thinking of doing it this evening, although I really know that idea will evaporate with another whiskey. I can do the one, I can do the other; write this entry or finish the Access project, and I'll opt for the writing and the associated work in PhotoShop, knock off after a while and go to bed early, laundry done.

This is a good sign and a bad sign - we're talking the state of the head, now - good in the sense I'm clear headed enough with energy enough to consider finishing this Access project and bad because I'm thinking of finishing it on my own time in my own house on a summer evening: Good, bad; happy, sad, some shit just happens.

That doesn't seem so very clear headed to me.

Maybe it's the whiskey, couldn't be me. I just loaded the second load of laundry into the drier and it will be finished soon. It's eight-thirty, I'll be in bed by nine-thirty, drifting off some time after ten. Good, bad; happy, sad. Another day done.

The photograph was taken in Seattle's Pike Street Market.