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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Bainbridge Island, Washington

August 10th, 2003

Artistically,  Aromatically
It is Sunday morning and I am feeling well and, although I do not feel like setting forth to the city to buy film processing chemicals, I'll get it together today and order them from B&H over the web. Click now, deal with them later. I feel good, ready to start a vacation rather than end one, which seems about right, a week to come down before you're ready to set out and take the sun like a halfway sociable person. So be it. A good day to putter around the apartment, do the laundry, order a pair of pants, vacuum the rugs, finish a survey I've been building on the side at the office. I could be moaning and groaning about these same tasks and no one would blink, but I'm feeling up and feeling up makes all the difference. Attitude, I guess, and if I could extend it with Prosac (or the current pharmaceutically hyped equivalent), I'd buy big bottle (in Oaksterdam) and never come down.

I've run pictures from time to time taken at the Bulldog cafe down the way on Broadway, they often have a small jazz group playing out front on Sundays. I mentioned once I thought they were up to something in their back room, possibly selling marijuana, but that sounded unlikely as they're located just a few blocks from City Hall and the police often roll by checking the scene on bicycles. They're not stupid. The bouncer posted in front of the entrance to the back room and a small sign tacked to their wall, a reference to "Oaksterdam", made me suspicious. Oakland. Amsterdam. What do you think about when you read a reference to "Amsterdam"? Other than that?

Now an article in the Chronicle this morning about "Oaksterdam" and the half dozen "cafe's" selling medical marijuana to people possessing a doctor's recommendation. Interesting. They didn't mention the Bulldog specifically, but it's located smack in the middle of the area described. The red Ferrari often parked out front makes more sense now after reading the article. This will probably get out of hand after a front page piece in the Chronicle, someone's probably going to have to do something (stupid), but it's interesting, puts this duel between California-Oakland and the Feds in context. Oakland is increasingly more interesting: Politically, artistically, aromatically.

The photograph was taken at the family party on Bainbridge Island.