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Oakland Chinese Street Festival

August 26th, 2002

Film In The Cameras
OK, it's a little large. Just after I shot the photograph above on black and white I loaded a roll of color and shot the rest of the dance, since the scarf or banner she's twirling is a bright red, and, well, for that you need color. I get the slides back tomorrow. For the few I took on Sunday, they turned out pretty well and I will think about that the next time I tell myself there's nothing to shoot. I should have shot more of the ladies doing another of the dances (there's one below) and I remember thinking, well, I'm a dirty old man to be pushing people out of the way (I'm polite, but aggressive) to shoot pictures of youngsters without much clothing on.

These are all members of local dance groups, I believe, and this really is a neighborhood festival, just as the Solano Stroll and the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade are local parades with high school bands and little kids in cute costumes. And older women in cute costumes. You know.

So we'll see how the color turns out. The exposed roll of film I found as I was shooting was ofOakland Chinese Street Festival the family party and I think I'll run one or two here as well as add another one or two to an entry written during the visit that has no pictures. I hate to think what would happen to whatever hit count I have without the pictures. Three readers would be difficult. Yes, yes, the continuous regurgitation of the job and the aching feet and the various tests for serious diseases, you can't expect people to stay around, but I wonder. Three readers. Would that make a difference? Nah. I'm enjoying this. I get the odd email every now and then and I'm terrible about answering, but that's evidently who I am and what I'm about. I'm thinking it all comes together over time. Might have nice to have gone through this at the age of twenty, giving it a few more decades to work itself out, but I'm not (twenty) and decades are no longer an option. Go with the flow, keep film in the cameras, it's OK. Really.

The banner photograph was taken at an Oakland Chinese community street festival.