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Under Construction
Near Jack London Square, Oakland

August 6th, 2002

Up On You
First day back on the job. I felt the old inside my head like lead sweep through me as I entered the front door of the building. No problem driving into work, having breakfast across the street or reading the paper. Nice day, good meal, now to the office. I'd say ow!, except ow! would be too animated. Hi, ho. Life's little lessons. Find a way to be gay (oops!, wrong terminology) find a way to be lighter, you blighter. Sneak up on your life and make it happen.

The business cards that I ordered over the web last Monday arrived today. Two boxes, one thousand glossy stock business cards that look just like the Illustrator file I sent them. This is good. I'll go back and add a note to the bottom of the original entry saying, at least for this simple design, they're fine. Now I think I'll go by one of the big office supply stores and buy a berzillion push pins, color coordinated, and pin them up in appropriate places. I accomplished little over my vacation, but I accomplished this. Part of this sneak up on life business? Sure, why not? It's sneaking up on you.

We had a call come in today asking that we set up a particular user to use another employee's machine, as that employee had had a medical emergency. OK. The word came down later the employee, in his early forties, had had a stroke and was unable to move anything other than his eyes.

Sneaking up on you.

The photograph was taken at an Oakland watering hole near Jack London Square.