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Cafe, near Lake Merritt.

August 12th, 2001

Prepare For Tomorrow
This morning I got up and thought, well, there are pills in the kitchen I'm supposed to take for my test tomorrow, so I'd better find the doctor's instructions on my desk here somewhere and read them again to be sure. Three pills are in the box. Three. Shit, maybe I was supposed begin with one yesterday. Find the instructions. Ah, take one the day before, good, today. I can do that. Take one on the day itself, good, yes. Take one the day following. This looks OK. Still, stupid to have left this thing sitting on my desk for so long without checking it, I must be into some kind of subconscious avoidance thing.

So, take one today.... Oh, shit. I really am an idiot. The biopsy date on this form is for this coming Thursday and not tomorrow. I am an idiot.

OK. This has happened before. Bring home the airplane tickets for a trip I'm less than enthusiastic about, put them somewhere on or near the desk three weeks before I'm due to take off and then I can't find them again with the cab waiting outside to take me to the airport. A tax return carelessly placed in a missing folder, copies of bills in the wrong drawer, a doctor's appointment for a biopsy placed on the desk and then ignored, the test is on Monday the 13th, right? Right? Not. Not.

The habits of an idiot, an idiot who knows he's an idiot and knows all he has to do is mark it downLake Oswego, Oregon on the calendar in his kitchen and never have to put up with this stuff again. So I look foolish at the office, that's no big deal, I'm still considered relatively competent, a bigger issue is I stopped taking my blood thinner on Thursday, four days before the biopsy I thought was on Monday and now I'll have to extend that for another three days. I take a blood thinner because I have an irregular heart beat. The downside of an irregular heart beat is it's somewhat more likely that my heart will throw a clot, so I take the thinner and the clots go away and life is again wonderful. No big deal, maybe, but you take the thinner to make the odds of a clot (and the resulting stroke) come out in your favor and skipping the pills for any longer than you have to is, well, stupid.

Today was another day to go over to Jack London Square and see what Dragon Boat Racing is about. A large crowd in the main area out in front of the Barnes and Noble listening to a drummer group of some sort, booths everywhere serving food, booths selling arty stuff, so I shot the drummers entertaining the crowd for a while and then tracked down the Dragon Boats. Farther down, sure enough, Dragon Boat teams spread out all over one of the lawns, the boats themselves looking like long thin stretched limousine canoes with small dragon heads mounted on their bows, filled with a dozen or so people, one behind the other in a line, looking athletic and packing paddles. Another whole reality I never knew existed. I thought this good stuff and retired up Broadway for lunch. Too many people, too much to do back here. Eat lunch, drive home, finish this. Prepare for tomorrow.

The banner photograph was taken at a cafe near Lake Merritt and Frisky was photographed at my sister's house in Lake Oswego, Oregon. No, it's not the same photograph I ran a while back. The quote is from the play, A Woman of No Importance, by Oscar Wilde.